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Get the right software development company to implement your React-based front end. Our team will grasp your vision, help you mold the idea, and bring it to the world in the most considerate and well-organized way.

What We Can Do with React

More than 75% of our front-end development is based on React technology. With a team of over 50 in-house React developers, we are able to attend to the most challenging business needs. React is a very dynamic web technology that is winning developers' hearts faster than any other popular front-end framework. That is why we keep track of reactive updates, the progression of its community, new approaches in the sphere, and the killer features React offers for the development of progressive software solutions (both web and mobile products).

React Front-End Team Augmentation

Need some extra muscle for your development project? We build dedicated front-end teams for fast and effective amplification of the client's team. If you use the microfrontend approach, we may join in almost instantly to ship the project just in time. If this is not the case, we will need some time for the team's onboarding (usually 1–2 weeks max.).

Takeover and Support
of React Applications

Our high-quality talents can take over a React solution developed by someone else other than us to support it, sort out the technical debt, and develop new functional features, ending with a nicely built app that will surely satisfy all end users.

Microfrontend Implementation

As a versatile and flexible team of professionals, we know pretty well how to design a microfrontend application and will help you refactor and upgrade the existing front end so that it could support microfrontends. And all that — following best practices to a T.

to React JS

Want to migrate to React for whatever reason? You may have no framework at all or wish to move from the old and good Angular to the cutting-edge and unbeatable React. In any way, Qulix together with its experienced architects will become your strategic partner and help you tackle the task of migration.

React SPA Development

Our expert engineers will design your SPA from scratch using React. As an award-winning development company, we will thoroughly go through the client's requirements, tend to UI/UX design, provide back- and front-end development, and — on top of all that — test the product.

Cross-Platform Application Development with React Native

We actively incorporate React Native into our practices to offer functional and intuitive cross-platform applications to our clients. Cross-platform technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and becoming ever more robust making use of the most powerful functionality of native apps such as the ability to engage with a camera, flashlight, geolocation services, etc.

We may perform these React-based development services by efforts of hand-picked React experts. Or we could assemble a well-adjusted team of React developers to take your most ambitious projects to a new level.

Sergey Polyakov

Sergey Polyakov

Front-End Architect

“Our React development company uses this state-of-the-art technology in a wide range of projects. It certainly has its perks making it adequate enough to implement interfaces of any complexity. To us, the important factor here is that your React app should be designed in a seamless manner and allow for further extensions.”

Dedicated React Developers

No need for individual staffing. We have already assembled and balanced React teams ready for onboarding.

At least 2 projects in common for every team member

Established team process — task management, quality control, delivery of results, and so on

Team specialization and focus on certain task types

Existing business expertise for certain domains like social media apps

Service Team Structure

Usually, we try to blend 1 senior developer with 2 mid-level engineers. Optionally, this team may also include 1 QA engineer and potentially such resources as a UI/UX designer, system analyst, etc. The team is well-adopted for implementation of front-end applications of various complexity or some parts of microfrontend UI.

We may send you a couple of ready-to-join React team profiles within 3 business hours from your request time.


Microfrontend Development for Your Apps

Microfrontends are gaining in popularity in the business community thanks to the plentitude of advantages they offer such as split delivery, reduced time-to-market, and many more, although all these may cost you quite a fortune. No wonder that it is better to engage the microfrontend approach when designing front-end web apps. This may lead to various hidden issues related to UX, general usability, code safety and security, inconsistency, and web design problems. In this case, front-end and website design teams should be aware of such software restrictions.

Feel free to contact our experts and learn about our front-end development services and microfrontend implementation for web/mobile apps.


We have deep experience with a set of React-related tools and technologies which we use on a professional basis.

Back End for React Apps

The front end will work out better if combined with high-quality back-end development and top-notch integration.

Seeing clearly which type of back end your web application needs is one of the key aspects of a successful project. We single out the following back-end options.

Serverless & backendless mobile apps

This one allows you to make use of third-party “Backend as a Service” (BaaS) and/or include custom code run in managed, ephemeral containers on a “Functions as a Service” (FaaS) platform.

With the integration of the existing
back-end API (back end with a ready-to-use API)

Here we talk about any client-server apps with a defined protocol (REST in many cases).

With the integration of public
third-party APIs

This option implies integrating a web app with the existing public services via ready-made third-party APIs.

With the integration of the existing back end (back end with no ready-to-use API layer/gateway)

It often so happens that integration APIs and the app itself are both developed simultaneously. This requires using specific methods to keep the project under control.

We're experts at back ends and will be happy to share with you our insights regarding the topic. Take advantage of our 20-year experience during which back-end development has been our major specialty.

Mobile Banking for Business by ATF Bank

A software integration project for a comprehensive online banking system with rich functionality and broad integration capabilities. Fast and nice delivery.

Additional Aspects to Consider when Using React

Microfrontend Design

It is highly advisable to design the app in a way that would allow for parallel development of its functionality by several teams.

Omnichannel Implementation

We would recommend deciding at the very start whether you need a mobile app and consider the possibility to use React Native for its implementation.

Using Skeleton Screens

One of the best practices is to design the app in such a way that the user could see the page structure before all the necessary data loads.

Integrated Test Automation

We try to make life easier for regression testers who do their work after the app is ready. That is why we strive to integrate automated test scripts into React code which will allow us to significantly reduce time afterward.


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