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Payments Industry: 5 Trends Shaping 2018

Mar 15, 2018
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The payments industry has been rapidly transforming in the last few years. Increasing shifts to digital, consumer preferences changes and evolving regulations lead to the emergence of new payment trends. What can we expect in 2018?  Here is an overview: 1). Artificial Intelligence AI is one of the most commonly used terms when talking about…

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Mastercard: Biometric Authentication Is Soon A Must-Have For Banks

Mar 8, 2018
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The US credit card company Mastercard has recently announced that customers will soon have an opportunity to use biometric identification. The company expects to make customer shopping experience more convenient and safer. What does it mean for banks? From April 2019 all Mastercard users will be able to identify themselves using fingerprints or facial recognition…

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The Wave Of Change: When IoT & Blockchain meet Logistics

Mar 1, 2018
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Blockchain is revolutionizing the world. The shared, distributed ledger facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets. Users can access and inspect data, but they cannot change or delete it. It makes the digital data tamper-resistant. Initially, Blockchain was intended for financial area, as it can record, track, and verify transactions or anything that…

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Smart Mobility: TOP 5 Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Feb 22, 2018
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The future has arrived: The science fiction transport vehicles are becoming a reality. Soon, noisy and congested cities will be a thing of the past. Here is a look at some inventions that will fundamentally change how we travel. SkyTran This transport system uses capsules that circulate at a height of about 7 meters. The capsules work…

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Global Smartphone Market: What’s New?

Feb 15, 2018
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Today, smartphone is an important part of life and the main communication tool. Smartphones became popular in 2007, when Apple introduced its iPhone. Apple’s gadget was revolutionary as it was offering new features such as a touchscreen and a virtual keyboard. The first Android smartphone was launched in late 2008. Since then, the smartphone market…

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