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golang and node
Jan 5, 2022 9 min

Golang vs Node.JS in 2022

NodeJS vs Golang? What a pretty controversial comparison that is, don’t you think so? These two beasts are two different development tools. They belong to different classes of technology — a programming language and runtime environment, respectively. But people on the Internet keep asking “What’s the difference?”. And we are no exception. So, this article…

Jan 5, 2022 9 min

Gathering Ideal Web Development Team in 2022

What will make my project successful? Every development company asks this question before launching its website, product, platform, service, or any other solution. The answer is obvious – it’s the right web development team. You may have a wonderful idea, a huge budget, tons of resources, cutting-edge technologies, and effective tools, but you’ll just waste…

Jan 5, 2022 10 min

Top 8 Cloud Computing Languages to Know in 2022

The global cloud computing market is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the report provided by MarketsandMarkets. It reached $371.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $832.1 billion by 2025. Both large and small companies engaged in various industries avail of cloud solutions today. These services can be used for a wide variety…

Jan 4, 2022 9 min

How Much Does CRM Software Development Cost in 2022?

As any business expands, eventually there occurs the need for tools that would help to efficiently manage the growing number of customers and to provide a more personalized experience to them. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is exactly such a tool. As each business is unique in nature, ready-made SaaS solutions provided by the industry…

microservices docker
Jan 4, 2022 9 min

Advantages of Using Docker for Microservices in 2022

Microservices bring many benefits to the project, but ooooh! tricky they are, those microthings! Here is when Docker will be of great use for you. As the leading containerization platform globally, it helps you a great deal when it comes to microservice-based architecture. So what are the real advantages of embracing the Docker philosophy and letting…

Jan 4, 2022 10 min

Top 15 React Native Libraries to Use in 2022

There are almost 7 million users in the world today who can’t imagine their lives without their devices. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to adapt their websites and applications to meet the needs of their customers. New trends make companies think about the development of iOS and Android mobile apps and the prominent tools…

conversational ui
Jan 3, 2022 8 min

Conversational UI: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Are you planning to launch your own chatbot or even a voice assistant soon? Sounds great! Make sure, though, you’ve considered every conversational UI detail to ensure 100% smooth and seamless user-machine communication. Our Ultimate Guide for Conversational UI development will help you with that! written by: Elizabeth Starikova UX/UI Designer, Qulix Systems Are you…

Jan 3, 2022 9 min

Difference between AngularJS and ReactJS in 2022

When asking about the most popular programming language, the answer is obvious. It’s JavaScript, which is used by almost 70% of developers. When it’s referred to the JavaScript frameworks, there is no striking leader. These tools are aimed at boosting and simplifying the development process, as well as increasing its effectiveness. In this article, we’ll…

Jan 2, 2022 9 min

Your Software Development Project Plan for 2022

Once there is a great idea on the table, there is also a temptation to jump right into its execution, especially in the case of startups. However, just like a house cannot be built without a blueprint, a software development project cannot be executed without a plan. Adequate project planning can not only save the…

Jan 2, 2022 9 min

Top 5 Financial Data Visualization Tools in 2022

The finance industry produces tons of data. They help businesses conduct analyses, recognize trends, increase performance, improve their products and services, set realistic goals, and make informed decisions. However, it’s important not only to collect and process information but also to deliver it to readers in a simple and conceivable manner. It’s difficult to get…

Jan 2, 2022 10 min

Your Mobile App Business Plan for 2022

Product failure in the market is a nightmare for any software developer. Inadequate quality control is one of the reasons why some solutions failed spectacularly. In 2020, US companies lost around  $2.08 trillion due to poor software quality. That’s why it’s vital to perform all the required testing procedures. A quality assurance plan is an…

Jan 2, 2022 8 min

QA Best Practices in 2022: A Way to Success

The main purpose of any business is to prevent the release of a poor quality product. Even insignificant bugs and errors can result in huge financial losses for the project. For example, US companies lost $2.08 trillion due to poor software quality in 2020, according to the report published by the Consortium for Information &…

cloud java computing
Jan 1, 2022 9 min

Cloud-Native Java Trends in 2022

Over the past few years, the popularity of cloud-native technologies has been rapidly increasing due to their high flexibility and adaptability to business needs. This advancement helps build better software faster and stay well ahead of competitors. So, let’s have a look at the latest сloud-native Java trends and discuss what to expect in 2022….

sdlc template 2021
Jan 1, 2022 8 min

Software Development Life Cycle Template 2022

SDLC templates have been changing with the course of history. Its modifications reflect the ongoing progress in the information technology sector. So, what does SDLC 2022 look like and how does it differ from its predecessors? Read on and find out! written by: Veronika Chizh SDLC templates have been changing with the course of history….

sales and customer service
Jan 1, 2022 9 min

3 Types of CRM Software Systems to Use in 2022

There is no business without customers, which is why it is essential to build a relationship with them and consistently maintain that relationship by creating an ever-improving experience. Moreover, with the changes brought into the world during 2021, it is now especially critical to give your customers a personalized touch to retain them. This, in…