Microservices vs Web Services: What Is the Difference?

Jan 21, 2021 watch 5 min
microservices versus web services

The techs are developing almost at the sound speed nowadays. Now and then another piece of tech appears and you may find yourself at a loss – what’s this and what’s that? In this article, we will compare microservices vs web services. What are they, what do they serve for in software development projects, and…

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Why Do Companies Choose to Outsource Work?

Jan 19, 2021 watch 8 min
why do companies outsource

As the global competition keeps increasing, businesses of all sizes turn to outsourcing as one of their main strategies. It turns out that over one-third of all small businesses outsource at least one of their processes, while giants like Microsoft and Google (among others) have as many contractors as direct employees — from marketing to…

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Microservice Architecture in Digital Banking: A Fair Assessment

Jan 12, 2021 watch 7 min
digital micro services

Creating a more responsive and sensitive customer experience — that is exactly what the present-day digital banking industry is striving for. Obsessed with the idea of delivering new digital services at an unprecedented speed and scale, many banks were quick to say good-bye to the ‘monolithic’ IT environments, and say hello to the brand-new microservice…

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How to Develop a Doctor Appointment App: Complete Guide

Jan 6, 2021 watch 7 min
software developer

For today’s high-tech world where online food ordering or hotel booking takes only a few minutes, the existence of health facilities with tired patients trapped in endless lines for booking an appointment with a doctor may seem barbaric. If you’ve decided it’s time to earn bonus points for your clinic on satisfying clients with an…

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Banking Domain Testing: What Is It and How to Do It Right?

Dec 24, 2020 watch 7 min
test cases for banking application

Banking applications operate with customer funds and sensitive personal data, so no wonder that the testing approach, in this case, is completely different from regular software testing practices. Poorly and incompletely performed testing leads to serious incidents (such as unauthorized transactions, app operation errors, data breaches, and a high bounce rate) that a financial service…

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User Stories vs Use Cases in Agile Development

Dec 17, 2020 watch 5 min
Use case and user story explained

You may have heard the terms user stories and use cases many times, but never actually dived deep enough to understand what they really mean for the software development process. Both are important, and when comparing User Stories vs Use Cases you should understand that they bring different value. So, what is a use case and what is…

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Top 5 outsourcing software development pitfalls

Dec 11, 2020 watch 6 min
pitfalls to avoid

Outsourcing is no fun when troubles arise all the time. Although it has multiple benefits which make employers outsource 300,000 jobs every year, such way of delivering projects may have some implications for you. The pitfalls that should be carefully explored before outsourcing include wrong cooperation model, unwisely composed team, wrong techs and payment model. For…

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RPA in Banking: Best Use Cases That You Can Apply Today

Dec 4, 2020 watch 6 min
rpa use cases in banking

As SSON Analytics states banking is one of the leading industries actively focused on software robot implementation to improve business results and customer service standards. Given that the cost of human error in banking and financial services can be extremely high, creating intelligent bots definitely seems a smart decision. Today we’re going to describe some…

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Fintech Trends: What is Going to Change the Future of the Industry

Nov 26, 2020 watch 6 min
fintech trends

Fintech has already brought multiple revolutionary solutions to our daily activities. At the same time, the industry players are not going to stop there – growth prospects for the market are immense. This time, we will reveal some of the hottest fintech trends so that you have a clear picture of how exactly this rapidly…

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Hiring Java Developers: Tips to Find Some Great Talents for Your Team

Nov 20, 2020 watch 6 min
hire java developers

Clean coding is critical when developing mobile applications or redesigning the user experience on your website. That’s why everyone is looking for the best programmers. However, when you try to hire Java developers, it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack since today there are thousands of engineers using this one of the…

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Inspired by Microservices: Micro Frontend in Digital Banking

Nov 13, 2020 watch 6 min

With the rise in popularity of digital banking, usability issues have become extremely relevant for banks. To ensure maximum engagement from customers, mobile apps, and online front ends should be modified and improved all the time. To be able to constantly deliver modern online experiences banks divide backend systems into microservices. The idea extends to…

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Machine Learning Impact on Engineering: Robots are Coming

Nov 6, 2020 watch 7 min

The terms Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence were first mentioned in the 1950s. However, engineers of those times could hardly imagine that the tools and technology facilitating engineering work could do exactly what they can do now. Our today’s article describes how intelligent machines capable of replicating the human brain affect the world of engineering,…

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How to Develop a P2P Payment App

Oct 20, 2020 watch 7 min
p2p mobile app

Mind-blowing statistics confirm that today’s mobile users are big fans of peer-to-peer payment apps (P2P) designed to speed up and optimize our everyday financial routine (money transfer, service payment, purchases, etc.). That is the reason why many businesses are trying to launch their own P2P payment solutions, but very often they have no idea how…

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KPIs and Metrics to Assess the Performance of the Outsourced Team

Oct 2, 2020 watch 7 min
software developer performance metrics

Well, you’ve decided to outsource software development. Good choice! However, to any company hiring external contractors, the following question always arises — how to measure the efficiency of such a partnership? Key performance indicators, or KPIs, in software development, will help you evaluate your outsourced IT team’s performance. Never heard about this thing before? No…

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Key AI Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Sep 18, 2020 watch 7 min
ai trends

Technological evolution has been overwhelming, even frightening in the last couple of years. Among the most notable results of this evolution was the advent of artificial intelligence technology. It affects big and small businesses all over the world, whether old schools like it or not. However, what industries have received most benefits from AI during…

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