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IoT: Digital Medicine Is On The Advance

Jul 20, 2017 watch 2 min

According to statistics, the total number of telehealth patients worldwide will grow to 7 million by 2018. In fact, Big Data, cloud computing, and IoT provide healthcare sector with significant benefits, such as service offer optimization and costs reduction.   So-called e-health platforms represent a basis for this innovation. Patient health data can be collected…

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How Blockchain Is Transforming The Insurance Sector

May 25, 2017 watch 2 min

Digitalization is currently conquering the insurance industry. Blockchain combined with ‘smart contracts’ is expected to revolutionize the insurance sector. What if in the future, it will be possible to unify data of all parties that are involved in a particular insurance claim, and to initiate immediate payouts to policyholders? It would mean there will be…

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Remote Patient Monitoring: Health Care at Home

Oct 13, 2016 watch 3 min

The aging population is growing worldwide, while the birth rates are falling. As a consequence, more and more older people desire to maintain independence as long as possible. The recent advances in mobile computing are revolutionizing patient health care. At the same time, IoT technologies and telehealth solutions are taking on a great importance. As…

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Telematics: New Horizons for the Insurance Industry

Aug 9, 2016 watch 2 min

The demand for telematics is continuously growing. The U.S. telematics sales are expected to reach 16.3 million units by 2020 in compare with 13 million in 2016. Telematics unites two terms: ‘telecommunication’ and ‘informatics’. It represents a wireless technology for transmitting real-time information from remote using smart devices. Insurance is one of the key areas…

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