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May 14, 2021 8 min

Going Totally Smart. The Future of mCommerce

mCommerce has experienced an immense increase in popularity in the last decade and especially in the year 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the focus of our attention and forcing many businesses to bridge online and in-store experiences. And since the year of the rat is gone and we are still experiencing its consequences, let’s…

financial data scientist
Mar 26, 2021 8 min

How Do You Apply Data Science in Finance?

Data has quickly become considered the greatest asset of any organization and with the technological development and the deeper reach of the internet, the amount of data generated every day is increasing at phenomenal rates. Simultaneously, the success of strategies in the finance industry has always depended on the accuracy of the gathered data, its…

fintech api
Feb 22, 2021 9 min

Open Banking and Fintech API: Ample Opportunities and Hidden Risks

Open Banking and fintech APIs serve as a bridge of win-win cooperation between the two sides. APIs stormed the financial sector and are not going to leave it — more than 200 banks have already made use of APIs. There are over 1,400 API products that can be integrated and embedded into other apps from…

Feb 12, 2021 9 min

Top 5 Financial Data Visualization Tools to Use in 2021

The finance industry produces tons of data. They help businesses conduct analyses, recognize trends, increase performance, improve their products and services, set realistic goals, and make informed decisions. However, it’s important not only to collect and process information but also to deliver it to readers in a simple and conceivable manner. It’s difficult to get…

digital micro services
Jan 12, 2021 8 min

Microservice Architecture in Digital Banking: A Fair Assessment

Creating a more responsive and sensitive customer experience — that is exactly what the present-day digital banking industry is striving for. Obsessed with the idea of delivering new digital services at an unprecedented speed and scale, many banks were quick to say good-bye to the ‘monolithic’ IT environments, and say hello to the brand-new microservice…