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Mar 10, 2023

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Hiring Dedicated Front-End Developers in 2023: They Put Your Ideas in Action

Chances are, you need to hire dedicated front-end developers if your internal monologue sounds a bit like this: “I’ve got a brilliant idea for a website, but how in the world am I going to execute it? And how am I going to grab people's ever-shortening attention span once they click on it?” Meet the front-end developers, the answer to the questions keeping you up at night.

Clear up your confusion, and take a dive into this article about front-end development services.

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Pavel Kuluev

Software Developer

Chances are, you need to hire dedicated front-end developers if your internal monologue sounds a bit like this: “I’ve got a brilliant idea for a website, but how in the world am I going to execute it? And how am I going to grab people's ever-shortening attention span once they click on it?” Meet the front-end developers, the answer to the questions keeping you up at night.

A Brief Look at Front-End Developers

Dedicated front-end developers are responsible for the successful implementation of adaptive and interactive elements on a website. They take care of site design, layout, usability, and controls. In other terms, they are the person checking if a house structure will be functional for future users and then utilizing the framework to their advantage. Front-end developers often work in close collaboration with UI/UX designers who create the user interface.

So, What Does a Front-End Developer Use?

You may be thinking now “Okay great, I get what a dedicated front-end developer is, but what specifically do they work with?” Well, glad you asked! When you are looking to hire dedicated front-end developers, it’s important to know these things. Although it greatly depends on each developer, they all have the same base knowledge and skills for the following programming technologies:

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HTML/CSS: Understanding HTML and CSS is a must for any front-end developer. HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is used to construct web pages. It is the most fundamental building component necessary for web development. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is also an essential language used in front-end development. It specifies how HTML components should appear on screen, paper, and in other media.

JavaScript/jQuery: JavaScript aids in the development of a website's functionality. Knowing JavaScript is key for a front-end developer if you need to add interactive elements like games, video and audio, site animation, navigation, and so on. jQuery is a library used to help those utilizing Javascript to simplify lines of code.

Angular/React: Angular is a TypeScript-based programming platform which functions as a framework for developing scalable web applications centered on components. It provides a compilation of libraries that support a wide range of functions such as navigation, data management, communication, and more. Essentially, Angular is a set of developer tools that will assist you in developing, building, testing, and updating your code.

React, on the other hand, is a freely accessible front-end JavaScript toolkit for creating component-based user interfaces. The main difference is that Agnluar uses two-way data binding and React utilizes one-way data binding.

A dedicated front-end developer's tool kit highly depends on their skillset and years of experience. This is what separates a junior developer from a mid-level developer and a mid-level developer from a senior developer. Keep the following chart in mind when you consider contacting a front-end development company.

Junior Developers vs Mid-Level Developers vs Senior Developers

Junior Developer

Mid-Level Developer

Senior Developer

Essential Skills

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

CSS Preprocessors, JavaScript Transpilers, NoSQL, APIs, UI/UX design

Javascript & Web Services, GIT, Webpack, JSON, Scrum, XML


  • Help the development manager with software development and coding.
  • Contribute to discussions for company growth.
  • Constantly improve their coding abilities and learn new ones.
  • Develop and maintain code.
  • Do minor bug fixes and assess the technical functioning of internal operations.
  • Reply to development team issues.
  • Receive information regarding software functionality from users.
  • Produce reports.
  • Execute development testing.
  • Develop and preserve running code.
  • Evaluate and integrate project code.
  • Comply with technical specifications and modify scripts to project needs.
  • Recognize and develop modifications for project tasks.
  • Conduct software testing.
  • Create quality assurance methods for software projects.
  • Collaborate with designers, QA engineers, and other members of the software development team to analyze users' demands.
  • Collaborate and connect with other divisions.
  • Record each stage of the development process for future purposes.
  • Execute coding tasks and double-check code for accuracy and usability.
  • Develop and carry out planned designs.
  • Train members of the team and assign coding, testing, debugging, and analytic work to junior developers.
  • Meet with development executives to talk about software initiatives.
  • Create new software.
  • Produce complex computer code as well as progress reports.
  • CWrite technical documentation for new software.


  • Natural ability
  • Originality
  • Versatility
  • Enthusiastic
  • Lower fees
  • Work independently
  • Better expertise
  • Collaboration
  • Market competitiveness
  • Clear results
  • Compatible with a variety of platforms
  • Continuous assistance

5 Signs You Need to Hire Dedicated Front-End Developers

rabbit holding a sign that says "I couldn't find a bigger sign but trust me, you need a front-end developer!"

1. Your current in-house team has a lack of skills.

If you see a scarcity of experts to complete your company's project within your own in-house team, you should strongly consider the possibility of hiring dedicated front-end developers. These experts will be an excellent addition to your current team because of their ability to implement new technologies and utilize their tech stack to benefit your team.

2. You need to start the development process from scratch.

Beginning to construct a product from square one is a daunting task. Dedicated front-end developers take the task of designing the proper product development cycle to create an efficient outcome through clear communication, quick turnaround time, and quality assurance testing. 

3. You need to revamp a current application.

If you need to update the application's aesthetic appearance or add new processes, you can employ dedicated front-end developers to assist you with improvements. These can be integrating new responsive elements, accessibility features, navigation and updating the layout to freshen up the application’s interface.

4. You are looking for solutions only front-end developers can provide.

If you're looking to optimize your company's business operations with innovative approaches, consider recruiting dedicated front-end developers. They will investigate the details of your organization, examine your needs and issues, and provide the best front-end development expertise to assist you with meeting your company's objectives.

5. You need additional dedicated support.

Sometimes, for your project, you need the invaluable assistance from professional front-end developers. They can help you in all phases of product development and make suggestions on how to improve. You can also take the time to have them share a bit of their expertise and skills with you. Who knows, it could come in handy one day!

How Hiring Front-End Developers Will Benefit You

rabbit employee saying to fox boss "look boss, these front-end developers are killing!" and the fox replying "wow! we should have hired them sooner!"

Better Teamwork

Employing a front-end developer enables you to collaborate more closely with other members of the dedicated team such as marketing executives, sales people, and customer support representatives. This can enhance communication among everyone engaged in developing content for your firm's site, leading to improved teamwork!

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Conversion Rates

Professional front-end web developers will optimize your online presence for the greatest consumer experience. Because of this, consumers will remain longer on your company's site and engage at a higher rate since each page on your website is optimized for effortless browsing. A website or application that has been effectively designed communicates to prospective consumers that you value their journey and interests.

Increased Security and Flexibility

If your site does not employ recent front-end technologies such as CSS preprocessors or Javascript, making updates and modifications will be more challenging. This means that even expanding your application will be difficult if it is developed with outdated technologies such as Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. Hiring a front-end developer who understands how to use contemporary tools will make it easier to upkeep and safeguard your software over time.

Long-Term Success

Keep in mind that when you hire a dedicated front-end developer to build a web page or app, they are not starting at square one; they are building on the previous foundation. They are also determining the libraries and structures to utilize, as well as the organizational composition for future maintenance. By hiring a front-end developer, you will minimize time and energy in the long term by ensuring that your site is created using a straightforward framework. 

Quick Progress

A front-end developer is in charge of how a site appears and behaves, from the design aesthetic to the functionality. Let’s assume that your project is a SaaS or eCommerce website that needs a front-end developer. Your product would develop considerably faster if you hired various architects, programmers, and content providers.

Reduced Maintenance Expenses

Imagine your current in-house developer decides to relocate or accept another position. You would need to replace them with another employee, which may result in discrepancies with your brand. But, if you hire dedicated front-end developers to construct your website, they can continue to make adjustments without disrupting the flow.

Reduced Project Expenses

For many businesses, the initial expenditures of a project are extremely costly. Dedicated developers can reduce expenses by designing cost-effective sites for the business and the consumer. Front-end developers may utilize templates or other pre-made layouts to get tasks done quickly and without losing quality if a firm needs several pages developed speedily.

User Satisfaction

The primary motive of why firms hire dedicated front-end developers is to enhance the client user experience, which is accomplished by building uncomplicated and easy-to-use web content. The more your users are satisfied, the more inclined they are to return to your site and refer you to their pals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do big companies hire front-end developers?

Large companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others have all employed experienced front-end software developers to help them move forward with their software applications. So big or small, every organization needs front-end developers to help boost their company's image.

2. How do I hire a good front-end developer?

When you need to hire dedicated front-end developers, what is subjectively considered “good” depends on what your organization requires. Depending on your business needs, you can then determine what tech stack the developer you’re hiring should have. Subsequently, this would lead to you looking into a junior, middle or senior front-end developer. One last aspect to consider is if you are looking to hire freelance front-end developers, or have them as an addition to your current in-house team. 

3. How much does it cost to hire a front-end developer?

The cost of hiring a front-end developer will vary depending on where you source one. If your company is based in North America and you hire remote dedicated front-end developers overseas, chances are it will be cheaper than if you had hired within your own country. Prices also depend on the skill level of the developer, i.e. junior, middle, or senior front-end developer. Your budget, timelines, and the tech stack needed for the development of the project will determine the final cost.

4. Are front-end developers in demand in 2023?

Developers are in high demand constantly, and more so than ever in 2023. In fact, technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that, according to estimates, by 2025, there will be 75 billion smart devices connected to the network. So the need for front-end developers is certainly not going anywhere.

5. Can front-end developers work remotely?

Yes, there are remote front-end developers and also those who work in-office although it’s not as common. Whether working from home or in the office, it doesn’t matter, since developers can exhibit great performance from any location with a stable and secure Internet connection.

6. Do front-end developers work alone?

They typically work alone unless they need to collaborate with other developers on a project. For instance, they may need to communicate with front-end UI/UX designers in order for everything on a web page to look and act cohesively.

7. Are front-end developers real developers?

Before there is any confusion, yes, they are real developers! Their unique set of expertise distinguishes them from other roles like back-end developers, DevOps engineers, and full-stack developers.

Developing Your Opinion

We hope that after checking out our article, you’ll agree that a front-end developer has important skills that can be of service to you, and that our blog post has answered all of your internal monologue questions. Regardless if you are starting from scratch, looking to cross the finish line or simply spicing up your current applications, front-end developers are ready to help you with cost-effective and high-quality solutions for your organization.

If you need consulting services on how to hire front-end developers, contact us today! We're here to provide you with all the web development services you could possibly need.

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