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7 Top Web Development Companies in the USA: 2023 Edition

In September 2014, Tim Berners-Lee tweeted that the number of websites had reached the milestone of 1 billion. This impressive World Wide Web success has almost doubled so far, with top web development companies in the USA contributing a lot to this achievement. They’ve given us plenty of well-known web services like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, among other things.

In our brand-new review, we will look at the best promising companies in the USA that are going to lead the web development services market in 2023.



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Some Key Stats of Web Development

As Statista reports, in spring of 2022, the number of internet users was more than five billion globally. This means that now the internet penetration rate is at least 63% of the total population. Also, there are approximately 1.14 billion websites in the world on the day of this article’s release.

But what does the situation look like for the USA? Let’s turn to Statista again: the source says that as of January 2022, there were about 307.2 million internet users in the U.S. As a result, the country’s internet penetration rate stood at 92.0% at the start of last year. All of these facts put the American nation in the front rows of internet consumers and digital marketers worldwide.

As you can tell, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the country has always been one of the leaders of mobile and web development: in 2022, around 1.63 million software developers and software quality assurance (QA) workers were employed in the United States. As to the software development companies, here comes an impressive number: 16,431. That’s how many of them there were in 2022. 

Software Development

Our Top List of Web Developers

So, we’ve shortlisted the most remarkable web development firms in the States that deliver custom software development services in 2023.

Wakefly, Inc. 

Wakefly was established in 2002 near Boston. First, it was a tiny web development agency that later evolved into a full-stack online marketing firm. The company targets business development of its clients through building effective websites.

The team’s strategic approach is based on deep research into the goals, the target audience, and other business features. It helps create customized websites with a positive impact on clients’ professional services.

One of the examples in Wakefly’s portfolio is its long-term cooperation with Ottawa University. It started in 2009. The university’s website, built-in Kentico CMS, has been regularly upgraded and maintained by the company’s dedicated custom web development team since that time. The client marks Wakefly’s impact on building a successful continuous digital strategy for the university.

In February 2022, one of the latest projects of Wakefly, Inc. — the redesign of Value Line’s website — was recognized as the top web development project by Kentico Xperience.


Qulix joined the game in 2000. Today it has more than 200 clients in its portfolio. This bespoke software development company has accumulated niche expertise in numerous custom software solutions and surely has full capacities for web app development. 

As a leading web development company, it offers a range of cooperation models. You can choose a Team-as-a-Service option or augment your team with a web developer, a designer, or other specialists. You can also choose the creation of a dedicated development center for your project.

As for examples of its successful projects, the developers created a full-cycle real estate enterprise web and mobile app for Corcoran. The application has advanced franchise options and an extensive data collection system.

In 2022, Qulix was included into the 2022 Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP.

Urban Insight

Urban Insight was founded in Los Angeles in 1997. There are over 500 successful projects in its portfolio. 

The main focus of the company lies in building full-cycle innovative websites using widespread CMSs like WordPress and Drupal.

For example, for the California Arts Council, the specialists in the company created a new WordPress platform. This platform was optimized for modern devices and is accessible to people with disabilities. Moreover, the functionality was tailored for further maintenance and improvements by the agency staff.

Urban Insight was honored among the Best Web Development companies by FindBestWebDevelopment in December 2021.

Unleashed Technologies

Unleashed Technologies started its business in Baltimore in 2007. The company specializes in delivering award-winning websites, apps, and digital experiences. 

The tech expertise of Unleashed Technologies lies in open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, and Symphony. They also build personalized solutions on Acquia Lift and marketing platforms on HubSpot.

For example, the company’s project for the NADCP (National Association of Drug Court Professionals) included creating a website that provided data and information in 3D modeling. It helped build an intuitive, searchable database of evidence-based programs that could be implemented in the criminal justice system. The solution is based on Drupal 8 CMS with a design concept of a 3D cube divided into cornered sections based on risk and needs levels. 

Unleashed Technologies is recognized as one of the leading companies in web development and design by Clutch.

Web Solutions


Scopic was founded in Massachusetts in 2006 and is among the top web development companies in the region. The technology company has over one thousand projects in its portfolio. It offers expertise in many industries but has a strong focus on healthcare custom web development. 

For example, the project for Mediphany aimed at building a radiology imaging analysis platform in an all-in-one format. Patients can upload their medical images to the platform safely and get professional guidance from radiologists remotely. 

There is also a helpful option available on the platform. Scopic created powerful software that creates personalized video reports based on CT and MRI scans.

In 2021, Scopic was listed in the Top Web Development Agencies by DesignRush.


Codal was established in Chicago. The team of business and technical specialists of the web development firm concentrates on building web solutions to address the clients’ exact needs.

For example, the project for the investment financial agency Charles Schwab required reinventing the whole web digital solution to fit into the modern competitive financial market. Codal transformed the outdated technology into an intuitive and aesthetically perfect web application.

Codal was recognized as one of the 2022 Top Python & Django Developers by Clutch.


MentorMate started its work in 2001. Since then, the web development agency has delivered innovative solutions for several hundreds of companies in more than 1,500 projects. 

For example, its collaboration with Soundview — the company which specializes in selling adaptations of books — led to the building of a new version of the Soundview website. The project also included the development process of the support system for legacy content management.

In 2021, MentorMate was awarded a Manifest Award in web development.

Website Development

Key Takeaways

So, what company is the leader on the top web development companies in the USA list? Indeed, that is a complicated question.

Some of the aforementioned firms have a long history and loads of projects delivered. Others are young, bold, and ambitious.

Anyway, their outstanding technical expertise in web development will help businesses follow the demanding digital trends and provide their customers with top-notch web experience.

Why not start your web app development project right away? Contact our professionals to learn about our special offers.

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