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Bear waves and smiles because he’s happy that you want to know how to hire dedicated iOS developer.
Mar 30, 2023 10 min

Why Hire Dedicated iOS Developers, and How to Do That?

Should you hire dedicated iOS developers? Considering how rapidly this sector of the mobile application industry is growing, it is. As Business of Apps reports, “Apple’s App Store had 2.184 million apps and games in 2022, an increase of 21.4% on the previous year.” This popularity surge looks even more impressive knowing that less than 15%…

Group of cats and dogs in glasses with laptops stand behind squirrel that wear blue headband and explain how to hire dedicated devops developer
Mar 21, 2023 10 min

Why Hire a Dedicated DevOps Engineer? Expert View

Still looking for a sign to hire a dedicated DevOps developer? Stop wasting your time, buddy, and listen to our advice. Since DevOps engineers are well-versed professionals capable to bridge the gaps between siloed teams, their services are pricey. That is why, when making such decisions, trust IT consultants and reliable information sources (like this…

Octopus looks like orchestra conductor and encourages readers to hire dedicated dot net developers.
Mar 17, 2023 9 min

6 Tasks You Should Definitely Hire Dedicated .NET Developers For

“Should I hire dedicated dot NET developers, Java coders, or PHP programmers?” Occasionally, you might be hearing conversations that revolve around this question: after all, it’s 2023, the number of platforms, frameworks, and languages only keeps growing, which is why settling on certain technology gets more difficult. It is natural to wonder if such a…

Happy gophers after hard work day at offshore development center drinking cocktails and lounging on beach at sunset
Mar 15, 2023 15 min

Thriving Offshore Development Center: Complete Setup Guide 2023

A modern offshore development center is far from a tiny office somewhere in India or the Philippines, where 20+ developers work day and night to create your product. Today, these are high-end IT hubs where everything is perfectly organized. Wondering how to open such an office far from your homeland?  In this guide, we’ll walk…

rabbit standing up with coded computer screens in the background and gears floating with a blue circle gradient background
Mar 10, 2023 9 min

Hiring Dedicated Front-End Developers in 2023: They Put Your Ideas in Action

Chances are, you need to hire dedicated front-end developers if your internal monologue sounds a bit like this: “I’ve got a brilliant idea for a website, but how in the world am I going to execute it? And how am I going to grab people’s ever-shortening attention span once they click on it?” Meet the…