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Apr 5, 2023

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The World of Hiring Dedicated Web Developers in 2023: All You Need to Know

When it comes to hiring dedicated web developers, the world of tech can have your head in a tizzy! What kind of web developers do I hire? Do I even need to hire one; can't I just do it myself? Lay your questions on us because we've got all the answers you're looking for. We’ll tell you what type of web developers there are, how they can benefit you, the pricing, and how to build your own team!

Find out why they're going to be an invaluable asset to you and check our custom step-by-step process of hiring dedicated developers.


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Pavel Kuluev

Software Developer

What Is a Dedicated Web Developer?

A web developer creates, designs, and manages websites, software, and web-based applications. Web developers build websites by creating code in programming languages such as SQL, CSS, and Javascript. Once done creating their masterpieces, they then test for proper functionality and navigation within the software.

Web developers can be divided down into three categories: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. The difference between these three? Read on to find out!

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Front-End Developers: These developers often concentrate on the responsive and interactive parts of web pages and are capable of predicting and fully grasping user requirements and activity. As the name implies, they develop what will be accessible to the user at the forefront of web applications.

Since front-end development is in control of what you see on a site, it is sometimes mistaken for web design. A common misconception, as front-end developers do not create websites, they serve as the link between technology and visual design, transforming concepts into interactive web pages.

Back-End Developers: As the name suggests, back-end developers are ‘behind-the-scenes’ type of people, who create elements you don't see but yet allow the program to function properly. They work on the storage of data, calculations, verification, and other back-end tasks invisible to the user. Back-end developers often have analytical skills and work with a range of computer programming languages like Python, Ruby, Golang, PHP, C#, Node.js, Rust, and SQL.

Back-end web developers can also work on mobile applications, primarily on Android and iOS apps. However, those of them who specialize in mobile applications must consider various components such as scrolling capabilities, navigation proportions, and other common app design features when using languages such as HTML5, C++, and Java.

Full Stack Developers: These types of developers encapsulate both what a front-end developer and a back-end developer do. Full stack development refers to the procedure of developing a web-based application from beginning to end, involving the conceptualization, programming, assessing, and installation of all required elements. They're the best of both worlds, almost like a 2-for-1 deal with their tech stack in both front- and back-end development. 

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Web Developers?

Did you know that 97% of websites fail at achieving their goals? Hiring a dedicated web development team will put you on the right track to building a website that will fulfill your goals. That alone should be your number one reason to hire dedicated web developers, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more reasons to discuss below.

office setting with wolf boss sitting at desk saying "Oh no! Our website is completely failing!" and a puppy sitting beside him replies "Don't worry! I've got the top dog you need, boss!"

SEO Optimization:

One of your key objectives when creating a website is to score among the top search engine results. This is due to the fact that search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for any web page, since appropriate SEO tactics considerably improve your rankings. Keep in mind that although SEO can be seen as the most important benefit words-wise, don’t forget that the design of your website also plays a crucial role. You have a greater chance of ranking provided your website is simple to use and mobile-friendly. A good web developer, with their technical expertise, will consider all aspects of proper SEO.


Hiring a dedicated development team gives you complete control of the development process. Developers operate under your direction, and you can scale their work up or down based on business needs. This strategy allows you to use resources to their maximum potential at any time during the software project.


The tech talent that a software development team offers will not only provide you with a great website, but will also tailor the functionalities of your website to fit your business needs. Whether you want to increase online sales or improve website traffic, a personalized domain will benefit you far more than a standard site or a pre-made template would. The only limits are your timeline and budget.

Time Saving:

As the saying goes, "time is money", and with how fast the world of tech is constantly changing, no one has any to waste. When you hire dedicated developers, you're not only saving yourself resources, but you are also freeing up your in-house team. Your new software team will know exactly what to do and will deliver an exceptional result, without compromising any of the project needs, even within a short time frame.

The Dangers of Website Templates

You may be thinking, "Why should I hire a developer? I can just build a website myself.'' While this is true owing to the abundance of free website designs available, there are significant limitations when it comes to this option.

First, building a website from scratch, even with a template, takes away from your time. Templates may be seen as you having free reign, but they are surprisingly restrictive. You are limited to what the template allows you to do in many aspects. Although marketed with the intent that they are "simple to use", they can be difficult to navigate and modify. You could take the time to learn these tools yourself, but, to meet your project needs, hands-on experience always wins out in the end 

Not to mention, the majority of website builders in the industry offer poor SEO features and are not optimized for Google searches. So, despite all the hours you spend "designing" your website, no one will be able to find your company through basic searching.

You may even forget to update your site over time, and it will eventually become outdated. Or, you may not have any background knowledge of what it takes to keep a new user’s attention and botch your entire web development project. In reality, the time spent on you figuring out how to organize, optimize, and launch the template could have been spent on you finding remote developers instead.

So now that you know the dangers of building a website with a template by yourself, let's get into why dedicated programmers are the best bang for your buck.

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Let's Break Down the Cost of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Cost comes down to a few things when hiring dedicated developers. It's difficult to determine upfront what your final total could be, but knowing what skills your project needs will help you decide on what type of web developer you need. If we are talking specifically about hourly rates, this depends on who you hire and the location where they work. Outsourcing in Asia and Eastern Europe will be your most affordable option to hire a dedicated web developer. If you get an in-house development team in North America, the cost will increase. When you hire web developers, their skill level also affects the cost. Please note, this chart only portrays the rates for those specifically in the US, rates outside this country will vary.

Junior Web Developer

Middle Web Developer

Senior Web Developer


0-2 years

2-4 years

5+ years

Hourly Rate





Another factor that will impact the cost of your dedicated web development team is the pricing model that you choose. Below is a quick overview of the three most prominent ones.

Pricing Model Types

Outsourcing Model: This type is the most ideal solution for constructing large projects while keeping within budget. For this approach, you also most likely need a project manager on board for effective collaboration. Due to this specific outsourcing model, you will be more involved, so it's important you find a good team of dedicated developers you can work with.

Time and Materials Model: You, as the customer, solely pay for the time and effort provided by the dedicated developers under this arrangement. This model is a flexible strategy that is considered one of the most effective and economical, as you only cover tasks that are directly completed within a certain time frame. Whether that time frame is weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly is up to you as the project manager.

Fixed Pricing Model: The fixed pricing model is used when the business and the dedicated web development team agree on a single fee that covers the entire project. In other terms, when you select this model, you only pay the specified amount, regardless of the amount of time or resources the development team needs to complete the project. This model is usually chosen for short-term projects and quick turn-around times.

How to Hire Your Own Web Development Team

Before you go hiring the first dedicated web development team that you see, there are a few things you need to establish. Let's go through the step-by-step process:

Step 1. You Need to Determine What Your Project Requires

Outlining your business needs is the initial and most critical step in selecting a dedicated development team. You should understand that each web development project is different, and you will require a variety of assets to complete your goals successfully. Depending on your goals, you may hire dedicated web development teams to either build a new website or to elevate your current one.

Step 2. What Technical Expertise You Need

Depending on your project, you might need to hire an entire offshore team, or just one web development person. This could be a front-end, back-end, or full stack developer.

Step 3. Freelance, Team Extension, or Outsourcing and External Team

This step is crucial, as not all projects are easily done in a couple of months, some long-term projects require years. In this case, you would avoid viewing freelance sites and look into an external team of dedicated web developers.

3 puppies. one is sitting on the couch with a laptop and is labelled "Freelance". second puppy is sitting in an office chair with a laptop and labelled "team extension". third puppy is sitting on an airplaine chair with a laptop and labelled "External"

Step 4. Evaluate Their Expertise

Depending on what format you chose in step 3, you may or may not need to evaluate your new dedicated team model. If you've gone through an outsourcing company, chances are you won't need to do this step, as they've already got the best of the best talent on standby.

Step 5. Choose Your Working Model

If you need to hire in-house teams, freelance dedicated developers, or an external dedicated team, it is determined by your previous choices. For start-up companies, a project-based model is ideal because the web development team takes care of the majority of what needs to be done. Furthermore, you may need to outsource a dedicated team if you have a large project that requires a larger budget and timeline.

FAQ: Insight to Your Own Dedicated Web Development Team

1. How much does it cost to hire a web developer?

When hiring web developers, the cost will vary based on multiple factors: what team model you choose and whether you are outsourcing remote developers as a team or freelancing individuals. Also, it depends on the technical expertise of the people you are planning to hire. Do you need a junior, middle or senior specialist and if you are outsourcing remote developers from overseas? All of these variables will impact the price point. For example, according to WonderDevelop, a junior developer will charge an average of $33/hour, a middle developer $39/hour and a senior developer $50/hour.

2. How do I hire a dedicated developer?

Before you go into hiring a development team, you need to determine your project requirements. Then, you need to decide if you are going to hire freelance developers, add to your current in-house team, or outsource professionals through development companies.

  • If you are hiring web developers through a freelance site, good ones to consider are Upwork and Fiverr.
  • For an in house team, LinkedIn and Indeed are great places to start. 
  • Imaginary Cloud and S-Pro are rated among the top web development companies for 2023 to outsource remote developers.

All of these options allow you to dip into the global talent pool that is perfect to create your ideal team.

3. What is a dedicated developer?

A dedicated developer is an individual who works as an independent contractor on a specific project for a duration that is previously agreed upon.

4. What are the three types of web developers?

Web developers can be divided into three different roles: front-end developer, back-end developer, and a full stack developer. All three offer different tech stacks and services to complete your web development project.

5. Can web developers work independently?

Yes, web developers frequently freelance remotely and independently, but can also work as part of an enterprise team. They are generally hired as freelance developers, because of the lower outsourcing fees associated with their work. 

6. What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated development team is a collaboration model in which a provider is accountable for all legal, operational, and recruitment issues associated with assembling a team for a client based on the client's project.

7. What does it mean to be a dedicated team member? 

To be a member of a dedicated team model means to use their unique talents and abilities in an outsourced team to meet the project requirements.

three puppies wrapped in red bows with large text above saying "Ta-Da!"

Wrapping Up Web Development

At the end of the day, hiring a dedicated team for your next development project is one of the best things you can do for your business. Whether you're looking to hire dedicated web developers to build a brand-new website or revamp your current one, there is no better way to do it than with the help of a team that has the talent and experience to deliver exactly what you need. And while it's important to hire the right people, it's also vital to ensure that they are able to effectively work together as a team.

Ready to get started and hire your own dedicated web development team? Contact us today to find out more and get developing!

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