Comprehensive Solutions

These guys are responsible for the development, testing, and implementation of large-scale software solutions. They are especially proud of the deep expertise in banking and finances they have accumulated through the years of successful projects.


Head of Department

Zhirko, Sergey 11 1

Sergey Zhirko

My career path at Qulix began back in 2004. I started as a software developer, but over time, my primary responsibilities were extended with some managerial tasks.
I communicated frequently with customers, planned the workflow, and distributed resources.

I have always taken an interest in projects that cover the entire life cycle of a complex system — from the idea to its full implementation.

Now I am in charge of the department that develops large-scale solutions from scratch and on a turnkey basis.

Business Directions

The department is engaged in the analysis, development, testing, implementation, deployment, and operation of complex high-load systems servicing many users at the same time. In addition, the CS Department has deep expertise in building enterprise infrastructure, DevOps, containerization, microservices — they have been successfully solving such tasks for 10 years, although these areas entered the spotlight only in the last 2–3 years.

Primary Fields

Full design cycle of high-load systems
Design and implementation of high-load systems

Primary Products

Remote banking systems
Self-service systems

Technology, Tools & Methodology


Build systems:
Programming languages:
UI components and libraries:

Gradle, Android SDK
Java 7, Kotlin
Android Support Library, MapKit by Yandex


Build systems:
Programming languages:
UI compon ents and libraries:

Gradle, Xcode
Objective-C, Swift (4,5)
iOS SDK Frameworks, MapKit by Yandex, FLAnimatedImage, SnapKit, iOSKit, MaskEdit

Server-side Java

Programming languages and tools:
Technologies and frameworks:

Java SE Development Kit, Nginx, RabbitMQ
JUnit, Mockito, Hamcrest
Apache Wicket, Hibernate, Spring



Nexus, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack


Load testing:

Project management tools:

tcpflow, Fiddler, browser developer tools
Cucumber/Gherkin, Selenium
Gatling, Scala

Agile, customized Scrum
Jira, Jira Agile Boards, Confluence

Team Building

Our creators of the most complex solutions prefer to chill in a simple way: team building activities are organized mainly in the open. But what's also important, we plan them with the goal not only to have a rest but to team up as well. So, we opt for such activities as paintball, recreational shooting, adventure parks, saunas, bonfire celebrations, team games, as well as escape room games.

A pleasant addition to them are seasonal events at office premises (New Year, birthdays, professional holidays). We also enjoy staying in the office after work to play board games.


In-House Training

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  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Horizontal technological teams (Chapters)
  • In-house training sessions for employees
  • Conferences
  • Participation in career promotion events