Sales, marketing, PR, HR, office managers, system administrators, lawyers, and accountants — these are people whose work often goes under the radar, but without them, Qulix will surely feel short-handed. Meet our heroes who do not wear capes.


That's Who We Are

Natalia Burets
Natalia Burets

Head of HRM

Human Resources

Everything that is related to your employment and career growth belongs is covered by our HR specialists. They are engaged in the candidate's selection and adaptation, training and career planning, development of internal corporate culture and CSR programs.

Within this cluster, there is a separate unit called HR Brand that is responsible for the arrangement of corporate events, holiday celebrations, corporate gifts, etc. They take care of conferences, seminars, and meetups, write for social media, communicate with media representatives, and work on the company's reputation as a whole.


The Sales unit is responsible for looking for new clients and interaction with them. Our sales specialists will find an individual approach to anybody, they know how to create a team in 60 seconds, and how to sell fast and efficiently. They are well-informed about a wide array of trends and technologies, know and love their business.

Ekaterina Kozik
Ekaterina Kozik

Head of Sales

Daria Zaharenkova
Daria Zakharenkova

Head of Marketing & PR

Marketing &
Public Relations

These guys work in close collaboration with the Sales subdivision and help them promote and sell our software products and services by doing market research, advertising, and creating the relevant content. This unit is a powerhouse of English content within the company. They handle the company's websites, business social media accounts, SEO optimization, content creation (advertising, campaigns, press releases, blog articles, landing web pages, etc.).

IT Cluster

When servers are down or technical issues prevent our developers from performing their job, that's when the IT subdivision comes into play. Our IT professionals take care of the operation of the entire equipment and networks at Qulix, which has a direct impact on the performance of the rest of employees within the company.

Eugene Pogibelny
Eugene Pogibelny

IT Manager

Anna Shurenkova
Anna Shurenkova

Head of Office Managers

Office Managers

They make you feel at home and take care of nurturing the cozy atmosphere at office premises. Coffee, tea, fruit, sweet snacks or stationery and office supplies — you name it, and they'll get them for you. But the most demanding part of their job is arranging business trips and business meetings as well as document management.

Legal Cluster

We are not those who accepts all the terms and puts a tick without thinking about consequences. Thanks to our highly-qualified legal professionals, all binding documents pass through a scrupulous and picky examination. Civil, corporate and tax law, intellectual property, foreign exchange regulations and regulations for foreign economic activities — they are equally well aware of any issues related to working with both local and foreign clients.

Anna Kovganko
Anna Kovganko

Head of Legal Cluster

Elena Varivonchik
Elena Varivonchik

Chief Accountant


This cluster is responsible for accounting and taxation, inventory control, payroll calculations, as well as asset management and intangible assets. Among other things, our accounting specialists provide tax reporting to fiscal authorities. That's where exquisite workmanship is really needed.