R&D and Innovations

RDI members work on the most technically challenging tasks, and their IoT R&D Lab is something to be proud of. You'll find here the very recent cutting-edge technologies and approaches in such areas as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, and others.


Head of Department

Alexander Sliborsky2

Alexander Sliborsky

My career at Qulix began in the early days of Qulix. Back then, I was a QA engineer, but my path soon took a different turn, and I switched to software development and soon became an architect. With time, I started assuming management tasks on different projects.

In 2009, we were transformed into a separate battle unit. Today, we deal with complex and innovative solutions that allow upgrading industries all around the world, and the department rightly has 'R&D and Innovations' in its name.

Business Directions

RDI develops products with no special focus on any particular line of business. Most projects are united by their complex nature, which can manifest itself both technically and in terms of business logic.

However, the department specializes in such tech-loaded fields as:

Software development
Big Data
Distributed systems

Technology, Tools & Methodology

.Net Core ASP.NET Core/MVC/Web API C# JavaScript TypeScript Angular 6+ React Vue Xamarin Flutter native iOS/Android Swift Kotlin AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform RabbitMQ Docker Kubernetes PHP Laravel Symfony AI/ML Python R


Agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.)

Team Building

RDI guys regularly get out of the office to have fun together outside work. Be it some barbecue in the open, laser tag, or going to the cinema to watch The Avengers — all is decided democratically within the team.

If the weather is good, they go to the open country (rafting, nature retreat, forest trekking). When at the office, they organize NY celebrations and parties dedicated to various holidays. Or they can watch some IT events or football matches. Together as one!


In-House Training

i1 i1
  • Weekly seminars covering hard and soft skills
  • Expertise sharing between QA engineers, BAs, and software developers within the department
  • Telegram channel with article sharing
  • In-house and external training courses