Qulix Banking Apps Hit Mobile Banking Usability Rating

Jul 10, 2015


USABILITYLAB, the leading provider of usability services in Russia, carried out a pioneering research study on the usability of iPhone banking apps. The research engaged 15 major Russian banks including Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Bank of Moscow, etc. Based on the research findings, the company compiled a usability rating of retail banking mobile apps and offered a set of practical recommendations on how to improve the usability of the existing solutions.

The rating results give further evidence of the successful partnership Qulix has developed with VTB24 and Rosbank. The all-new version of VTB24’s mobile banking that we released last summer scored 87.31 points and took the 4th position in the rating, having surrendered just 0.05 points to the second runner-up. Rosbank mobile app got 79.17 points and rounded up the top 10.

120 people participated in the testing process. Each mobile banking app was tested by 8 users. The respondents were asked to perform some basic tasks, e.g. log in to the app, check account balance and transaction history, send money to an account at another bank, top up their mobile phone, etc. The experts at USABILTYLAB emphasize that their research effort was not aimed at thorough usability testing of all the available functionality since user satisfaction is not always dependent on the number of features offered by the banking apps. What is more, it is handy for basic features that will allow users to smoothly move to more popular transactions. To find out how the rating was calculated please check out this SlideShare presentation.

“USABILTYLAB’s specialists did a good job of taking opinions from users and turning them into practical guidelines on web design and usability issues. As to Qulix, we are happy to have been recognized for our hard work and we cannot resist a little sense of pride in our professional achievements. Our apps scored high in most attributes evaluated in this research. However, there’s always room for improvement and we are going to work even harder to analyze the recommendations to create a better customer experience. While many banking products are sophisticated by nature – they can be made more explicit with a design focused on an intuitive use,” commented Valery Tikhonovich, Deputy CEO of Qulix Systems.