Banking and Finance Software Development

Since the time of our company’s inception, we have been delivering finance and banking solutions to cover the needs of our clients. During all these years we have put in a great deal of effort into analysing industry bottlenecks and issues to provide our clients with software that will solve their problems instead of masking them.

Banking software solutions

Qulix Solution Standfore FS is already implemented in the Top 20 Eastern European Banks.

Solutions for Banks - Front End Platform for Banking

The StandFore FS integrated front end platform for banking is a revolutionary new approach to bank customer care. This solution offers banks an unprecedented opportunity of intellectual interaction with a user and provides bank customers with convenient and secure channels and applications for remote services, such as personal Internet banking, mobile banking, virtual office, etc.

The solution provides banks with such benefits as integration risks reduction, reliability improvement as well as elimination of expenses required for support and maintenance of several platforms. The modular structure allows smooth integration with the bank’s existing infrastructure.

Banking Solutions Qulix Systems

Flexible integration

Customer segmentation and targeting

Multi-channel management

Customizable interface

Responsive design

hedge fund software

Value added services for Hedge Funds & Investment Organizations


System customization and further support

Maintenance and development of the current IT systems


Migration to Cloud

Infrastructure set-up, management and fine-tuning


System Performance Enhancement

via GUI, database and architecture optimization


Integration with 3rd party financial data providers

Bloomberg, Morningstar, Thomson Reuters etc.

Financial software development

Here are some ideas on how we can enrich your products with additional functionality:

  • Mobile payment solutions
  • Personal finance management (PFM)
  • Location services
  • Social media payments

Mobile Payment Solutions

Money transactions via mobile devices are getting popularity throughout the globe.  There are 7.3 billion mobile devices in the world; it is a new financial arena and a large marketplace for Fin tech companies. Qulix can help to create payment solutions for:

  • P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers
  • Mobile purchases on the internet
  • Mobile POS (point of sales)

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Personal Finance Management

Systems for managing and organizing personal finances can be a good value-added service to the core functionality of a financial application. PFM helps users:

  • Set financial goals
  • Monitor and optimize the expenses
  • Get individualized offers
  • Visualize finances and run ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Make informed decisions on budgeting

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Location services

In a digital world we live geographical proximity is a great advantage. With iBeacon, NFC, or GPS integrated into financial solution we unify user’s physical location with the services offered. It enables:

  • Search the nearest ‘brick-and mortar’ office (how to get there, shortest route etc.)
  • Sending push notifications when a user approaches the branch/office/store
  • Notify regarding any events in the zone relevant to user (concerts, social events etc.)

Social Media Payments

On average users spend 103 minutes per day in social media. Payments via social networks are a trend in financing which has been effectively utilized by several banks. It’s a convenient method for transferring small amounts between friends, family, and colleagues.

Social media payments can be easily integrated into any banking/payment system and makes transfers a way simpler and natural. For security reasons two-level authentication is recommended:  Social credentials (user ID + password) and one time password (OTP).

See how we helped leading fin tech startups

We have been engaged in development of financial applications for Mozido and Kyriba. We are aware of the issues and risks startups are prone to, work closely with their teams in order to deliver a 100% quality product.

What our clients say

Denis Sotin

Head of IT at Rosbank (part of Societe Generale)

“ It is a pleasure to work with Qulix. We appreciate their professional management, excellent technical skills, quality service and the dedication and flexibility of the team.”

Roman Sukhov

Head of IT Department at Orient Express Bank, OJSC

“It’s a pleasure to work with a company whose employees take their job with utter seriousness and know how to add value to a project. Thanks Qulix for having lived up to our expectations.”

Yulia Demenyuk

Senior Vice President at VTB24

“We’ve had a long history of close cooperation and it’s been a great pleasure working with Qulix. Back in 2011, the company developed the first version of our mobile banking app and a PDA banking solution. They have always given us cutting edge advantage in terms of timely delivery of projects and quality work. We wish the entire team ever increasing success in its development and growth.”

Andrew Korol


“Throughout the entire project life cycle, from RFP to the ongoing post implementation support, Qulix staff members have proven themselves as a solid team of professionals. I really appreciate their high technical skills and overall enthusiasm towards the project and its requirements. These guys know how to find ways to add value and make the product more efficient and user-friendly.”

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