IoT: Qulix took part in a conference at velcom data center

Jun 29, 2018

Last year, the Belarusian telecom operator launched the first narrow-band network (NB-IoT) in the country.

Just as a quick reminder, Qulix Systems had been collaborating with velcom on NB-IoT chipset integration.

Recently, the telecom company invited Belarusian developers to its data center in Minsk to demonstrate the potential of its IoT network as well as cloud technologies.

During the conference, velcom together with Qulix experts introduced the NB-IoT use cases. The new network is deployed in Belarus to enable integrating and exchanging data between smart devices.

 ‘There are several possibilities for the technology implementation. However, customers from the public sector are still conservative in outlook, they have concerns about benefits from investing. Nevertheless, the business sector expresses its high interest, we receive many requests and proposals for the implementation of very interesting and smart things,’ said Alexey Khodakovsky, IoT Solution Development Manager at Qulix Systems.