IoT Meetup: Qulix spoke on its experience in NB-IoT solution developing

Dec 12, 2017


Minsk, 7 December 2017. Velcom, Telekom Austria Group’s subsidiary in Belarus, launched the first narrow-band network (NB-IoT) in the country.

On the same day, IoT Belarus Community held a Meetup on the IoT technologies.

Alexey Khodakovsky, IoT Solution Development Manager at Qulix Systems, spoke on company’s cooperation with velcom in NB-IoT chipset integration.

Alexey made a presentation on engineering and testing of the NB-IoT temperature monitoring device.

“In fact, Belarus is one of the first countries in the world that has the opportunity to use this technology. To a certain extent, our country can be seen as a test site. Others will review our experience, and draw conclusions. We, engineers, on our part, got a head start on developing NB-IoT devices. Much has been said about the technology. However, there are still not so many devices for it in the world,” noticed Alexey.

In addition to software development, Qulix Systems has an expertise in industrial automation as well as Smart City solution engineering. Recently, the company has finished its project on Smart Home solution. At the present time, Qulix collaborates with velcom on NB-IoT solutions development.