Qulix Is among the Best Developers of 2022

May 5, 2022


A long-awaited piece of good news — Qulix is among the best developers of 2022!

With the score of 97 out of 100, Qulix has got into the list of the top-performing software providers, according to SoftwareWorld.co. A second year in a row, niiiice!

On this 50+ list, there are many renowned names such as Altoros, Oxagile, Exadel, EffectiveSoft, and lots of others. And we are truly proud to be among these shining stars.

How Do They Judge?

To create an unbiased overview of the company, the SoftwareWorld platform takes into account multiple aspects, such as online presence, available third-party reviews, security of the delivered products, ease of their use and customization, and the embedded customer support features.

The platform aggregates the relevant information about software vendors from around the globe, thoroughly processes it with a set of multiple criteria, and produces the ‘best-of’ lists that help future customers find their dream partner from a wide selection of categories.

For more info on the platform itself, please check our post from the previous year or visit their official website.

Nicely done, Qulix! More awards are on the way!