We Are Among Top 50 Custom Software Development Companies in 2021

Feb 1, 2021

custom software development company

We have scored 97 out of 100 according to the rating by SoftwareWorld.co!

What Is SoftwareWorld?

This is one of the best software review websites that help businesses find the top match for the software product they envision. Ratings are compiled on the basis of review scores and software assessments as well as such parameters as social media buzz, online presence, and similar relevant information. The review team responsible for companies’ positioning makes an unbiased assessment and takes into consideration overall company performance.

Recently the platform produced another “the-best” list presenting top custom software development companies from around the globe. Qulix Systems landed on Position #37 sharing the list with such renowned names as Oxagile, Altoros, Itransition, ScienceSoft, and many others.

What Is the Significance of the Platform?

The resource is one of the best ways for future clients to make the right choice when it comes to custom software development and find their perfect business partner. Using this platform, they may find top solutions for virtually any industry with the ratings accompanied by a detailed description of the company’s domain areas and clients’ reviews. The ratings are well-organized and divided into two major categories (Services and Software) with a further subdivision creating a user-friendly tool for businesses and making the search process a lot easier.

Its creators are well aware of how a single app can affect your company’s revenues and deliver a blow at the reputation with long-term consequences. So rest assured they approach their job diligently and with due care and produce well-evaluated listings where visitors will not be misguided.

The selected companies keep their finger at the pulse of technology and know everything about augmentation, innovation, modernization, and digitalization, which is proven by their team, past performance, and abilities and supported by numerous reviews.