Belarus gets unmasked

Apr 1, 2016

Belarus get unmasked

IT industry is an ever-changing space. Software vendors and services providers are in the endless rush longing to seize the place in the Top 10 list, and you never know how it goes. Sometimes all they need is luck. That`s what happened to Masquerade.

An incredibly popular mobile application developed by a bunch of friends has blown up the internet and users` minds. Above that, when Facebook announced the Masquerade acquisition, journalists started the investigation: who are those people that caught Zuckerberg`s interest? And here one more word rarely heard before entered the newspapers – Belarus. Suddenly, the world learns that Viber and World of Tanks are also Belarus-based.

Our country has finally been unmasked. It`s not that international companies flooded IT vendors with requests and projects, but people want to know more about the country and its IT sector. For that reason, Qulix Systems gathered some facts that help you to discover the country and the opportunities it offers.

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