Why Outsource to Belarus

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, and is it’s cultural, economic and IT centre with the High-Tech Park, “Belarusian Silicon Valley”. Right now there are 1036 small, mid- and large-size IT companies in Minsk, and most of them work with overseas clients (US, Western Europe, Australia, Canada).


Watch the most beautiful Minsk landscapes throughout the year.

Qualified IT Specialists

  • 55 Established Universities
  • State and Commercial IT training centers 
  • Skilled and price-competitive developers, QA engineers, BAs
  • No language and cultural barriers

Belarusian High-Tech Park

  • 150+ residents, Clients from 50+ countries
  • Legislative, operational and R&D support for resident companies
  • Special taxation conditions
  • Export of high quality IT services and products

IT environment in Belarus

  • Active growth of IT startups, software product and services companies
  • Belarus is ahead of India and the USA in Computer Services Exports per Capita*
  • 16 000 IT-graduates annually
  • High prestige of engineering education and IT occupations

Globally-recognized Belarusian companies & products

Benefits of outsourcing with Qulix:


Effective project management

Effective combination of UK-based management and Belarusian IT development skills


Zero overheads

You pay only for the actual work done by our team and know in advance cost of development initiative


IT product one-stop-shop

We can help you at each product development stage: from Business Analysis and Coding to QA and support


Deep understanding of Client's needs

Priority of long-term win-win cooperation: understanding of client’s business, products and domain



Our geographical location assures our close proximity and timely interaction with our clients

How To Start Working with us


A  non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is the first step we make on the way to engage with every new client. We commit to keeping all client sensitive data secure and do not disclose it to any third party. Usually we sign our client's NDA but can provide ours as well.

Requirements Analysis

Our experienced team of business analysts and architects perform accurate requirements analysis in the initial phase, defining the best architectural solution for the client and the roadmap for the project implementation.


Depending on the initial requirements (SRS, brief scope of work) we either provide a full estimate with a breakdown of hours or a preliminary quote if we do not have any technical documentation on the project.


If we agree on partnership we sign an MSA (Master Service Agreement) on the time period requested by the client.


Based on the price model selected (fixed price or time & material) we negotiate the payment timelines and start the development and testing process.


 As soon as the product is delivered to the client and all payments are complete we pass all source codes and IP rights of the software to the client.

Maintenance & Support

We also provide ongoing maintenance and software support services  for our clients.

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what our clients say:

Nik Wahlberg

Founder of Scandiaconsulting

“ We have worked with a diverse team of developers, designers, and analysts at Quilx since 2010. The team continues to exceed our expectations with the solutions to some of our most complex business challenges. They are definitely on our speed dial for the next project.”

Oleg Tolkatchev

Software Solutions Department Manager, S&T

“ Looking back at our cooperation with Qulix, it is fair to say that the Company specialists are always willing to get to grips with the assigned tasks, to give professional consultation and provide practical guidelines on setup and management of workflow, owing to which the job is always done on time and with excellent quality.”

Igor Menkov, CTO


“ Those Qulix people we have worked with proved to be real whiz kids with a wealth of experience. For that reason our cooperation with the Company has been a success for some years. Many thanks to our project team and the Company management. You’ve done a great job.”

Denis Sotin

Head of IT at Rosbank (part of Societe Generale)

“ It is a pleasure to work with Qulix. We appreciate their professional management, excellent technical skills, quality service and the dedication and flexibility of the team.”

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