Dec 15, 2016

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Business in 2017: Top Tech Trends


The business world is currently undergoing a process of digital transformation.

One is clear. Customer is the driver of changes. Customer focus is a trump card. In boardrooms, digital leaders with a profound IT-expertise are expected to be in great demand. IT-as-a-Service will be more relevant than ever before.

But what trends exactly will have the greatest impact on business in 2017?


Recommendation systems on sales platforms (also called chatbots) are not unusual nowadays. However, the recommendations are mostly unspecific as chatbots intelligence is limited at the present time. But now, this is all set to change. Companies are investing in natural language processing or natural language question answering. Instead of searching for the desired information in a document in a search request, a question answering system ensures that the user receives exactly the answer he/she was looking for, like in a dialogue with a human.

The human element of Big Data

IoT and Industry 4.0 make our daily routine smarter. Data flow is constantly growing.  Already now advanced technological machines in manufacturing send data on current status and alert when maintenance is needed.

Big Data represents a technology that enables collection and analysis of this data volume. However, it has a disadvantage. The technology provides just analysis, but not a specific guideline for an action. For that reason, Big Data is expected to become ‘humanized’. In other words, even non-scientists can extract clear answers (actionable insights) from Big Data analysis in order to use them as a decision-making tool. It requires a greater qualitative approach and a high degree of data visualization.

Augmented Information

Augmented Reality plays already an important role in the consumer sector. Basically, it is about to enrich the physical world with digital information. In 2017 this trend is expected to reach business sector: data from various sources will be unified in order to provide employees and customers with a 360-degree visibility into relevant topics. Systems that are able to provide data automatically across all applications and departments will be in great demand. In the coming year, the systems that will be very likely based on enterprise search technology are expected to be developed.

Proactive Information Management

While the information flow we are confronted with on a daily basis is increasing, a lot of important information gets lost.

For that reason, the business world in the future will be introduced to systems that provide users with relevant information at the right time, similar to a personal assistant sending notifications and reminding you on important meetings.

So-called proactive information management systems constantly monitor your work and information that is relevant to you, learning concurrently to separate important from unimportant.

Artificial Intelligence

Technological progress is unthinkable without Artificial Intelligence.

In contrast to earlier, when the success of AI was fair to middling, today there are tools and technologies like Enterprise Search allowing systems constantly learning (machine learning, deep learning).

In the coming year, AI is expected to be used to perform cognitive assembly line works.

By this means, the AI will free up company’s resources that are necessary to stay on target with digital transformation.

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