Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-developing technology. Algorithms, intelligent software and robots undertake more and more tasks, that until recently could be done just by humans.

"The revenue from the artificial intelligence for enterprise applications market in Europe is estimated to be worth around 93 million U.S. dollars in 2016, in 2025 – 7,876 million."

Revenue from the artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In general, the term AI describes an attempt to simulate human intelligence: this means to construct and programme a computer the way it can work on problems autonomously.

Many problems can be solved by algorithms of AI.

They can process tremendously growing data volume just in a few seconds, read texts, understand language, recognise faces and images as well as analyse your environment in real-time.

AI functions:

  • Automation of complex processes
  • Pattern recognition (images and high-dimensional data)
  • Classification of comprehensive data
  • Machine-learning to generate knowledge
  • Optimization of complex problems
  • Effective search in large search spaces

8 implementation sectors ('domains') of the AI technologies




Home/service robotics






Low-resource communities


Public safety and security


Employment and workplace




Banking & finance

Why AI? 

Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence make software development dynamic and smart. They provide your company with the chance to focus on your actual competencies in order to differentiate yourself from the market. Trust our expertise in the area of AI. Qulix is your reliable partner in the field of this forward-looking technology.

Qulix develops individual software: quickly and cost effectively

We are specialized in the development of complex, future-oriented software solutions, that meet your individual needs and requirements.

Qulix Systems is one step ahead of the traditional web- and software development companies. We’ll bring your machines together due to the intelligent connection and provide you with the optimal basis for product individualization.

Our solutions involve

  • Chatbots (cognitive assistants)
  • Voice, signal, image and sequence recognition
  • Identity systems
  • Behavioral tracking, prediction and analysis
  • Robotics: movement and decision making
  • Medical diagnostics and treatment, symptom navigation and therapy management
  • Situation and risk analysis
  • Automated customer service and management
  • Enterprise and industrial process automation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Decision simulation for entertainment or defense
  • Financial guidance

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