Performance Testing Services

done Is your system ready for the overload?

done Can your system process increased data volume?

done Will your application run under extreme conditions?

done What are the system limits?

If you cannot answer these basic questions, you can never be sure if your system is reliable.

Qulix delivers performance testing service for ultimate system work


Performance testing

Validation of system effectiveness


Load testing

Checking the system can handle its expected number of transactions


Volume testing

Handling specifics data amount


Reliability/Endurance testing

24x7 service availability


Stress testing

Validating an app’s behavior when pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions


Scalability testing

Measuring system`s capability to scale up or scale out


Restore/Disaster testing

Ability to restore after crashes and failures


Stability testing

Verification of app`s continuous performance within the acceptable period


Configuration testing

Defining the optimal configuration of hardware and software equipment

Advantages of the Service

  • System is always reliable
  • App is effectively operating under any load
  • Data is efficiently restored 
  • DoS risks are successfully mitigated
  • System`s behavior is accurately managed
  • Negative effects are decreased
Some words from our clients

GM at DevHouse

“ Qulix QA has become a reliable partner for our company. Qualified specialists, prompt responses to enquiries, and transparent project management are what we expected to get and what we actually got as a result of our joint activity. We will be glad to go through this experience of success once again.”

Need to test your system performance?