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Functional Testing Services

Qulix has extensive software experience in functional testing of any software type


Functional testing types


Smoke testing

Testing step to check if software is ready for further testing


Usability testing

Reveals whether the application or the product is user-friendly or not


Integration testing

Methodology used to test individual components or units of the code to verify interaction between various software elements


Regression testing

Performed to ensure that implemented changes do not impact current functionality


Acceptance testing

Performed to make sure the software handles required tasks in real scenarios, according to specifications


Installation testing

Checks if software application is successfully installed and works as expected


Configuration testing

Testing a system compliance with each of the supported software and hardware configurations


Localization testing

Performed to verify the quality of a product's localization for a particular target culture/locale and is executed only on the localized version of the product


Documentation testing

Testing of the documented artifacts that are usually developed before or during the testing of software

Functional testing process


Some words from our clients

Software Solutions Department Manager

“Looking back at our cooperation with Qulix, it is fair to say that the Company specialists are always willing to get to grips with the assigned tasks, to give professional consultation and provide practical guidelines on setup and management of workflow, owing to which the job is always done on time and with excellent quality.”

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