Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems Development

Adopting an ECM is a long-term investment into operational efficiency: it helps to access up-to-date information at any time and from any device, boost staff performance, get control over the company’s data (documents, emails, web content, images, etc.)

Why Qulix

  • 10+ years in ECM systems integration and customization
  • Multi-vendor experience in using both open-source and licensing products
  • Project and technical consulting
  • 30+ engineers with focused ECM expertise 
  • Performance fine-tuning of existing solutions or systems under development
  • Experience in mobile ECM (iOS and Android) 

Platforms we use

What is ECM system?

ECM is an integrated system for controlling all types/formats of the company’s data. It helps easily navigate through various information sets and gain practical insights.

Document Management

System for effective document storing and accessing; it reduces paper work, execution terms and increases employees’ productivity.

Web Content Management

Software for controlling web materials (HTML documents, images, and other media). CMS facilitates web documents, auditing, editing, and timeline management.

Digital Asset Management

Process for organizing digital products, rights and permissions. It includes data storage and metadata with information on file type, usage, content etc.

Business Process Management

Creating the business logic, administering user rights and content workflows. As a result confidential information gets to the right stakeholders only and documents go through the proper lifecycles.

Optical Character Recognition

Embedding Optical Character Recognition into your ECM facilitates data search, editing scanned documents and managing content from various sources – whether it is a contract, newspaper article or other non-digital piece of data.

  • Increase in employees’ productivity and work output
  • Possibility of collective usage and editing the content
  • Reliability and security of the data stored
  • Possibility to access the content anywhere from any authorized device
  • Improved interaction between departments and locally-distributed branches

Banking and Finance

Large bank, part of international banking services company, decided to create a solution unifying work of several departments into one system with processing capacity of 10+ million documents per year.


Dedicated team

 Project was implemented by the team of 7 software engineers


Tight deadlines

Project duration – less than a year


High performance

10 000 active users, 500+ simultaneous users


Insurance company wanted to systematize its data assets and facilitate work of customer service department. Before the system was introduced customer care didn’t have a unified data repository and had to do a lot of manual work.

Qulix created an ECM on Alfresco community edition with custom interface and extended functionality.

The system was optimized to work with large data sets and 1000+ simultaneous users.


  • Unified content repository for storing data of any type (scanned documents, digital web assets, photo, video, etc.)
  • Advanced document search based on multiple criteria (data, reference number, keywords, tags, etc.)
  • Data security mechanisms: automatic back-up,  granting user rights according to access level and role 

Technologies and tools


The client is one of the largest national telecommunications operators in Russia and Europe (10 000+ employees on board).

Company covers all segments of the telecommunications market (fixed and mobile telephony, IPTV, and other customer services) and needed to implement a unified data management solution.

Client’s requirements


1000+ simultaneous users


Advanced data security mechanisms


High reliability system able to carry stress loads

Telecom operator got a stable ECM product tailored to their business processes, corporate practices and needs.

government institutions

Government corporation consisting of 700 institutions required a system for data management. Due to company's size (100 000+ employees) and complex structure it was important to ensure stable operation and intuitive design of the new ECM.

Customer’s requirements


Custom design interfaces for EMC Documentum


Access via mobile devices


Possibility to work in offline mode (data storing and synchronization)


  • Enterprise content storage

  • Reporting systems with charts and diagrammes

  • Documents execution lifecycle (version and execution control, file history)

  • Email and calendar notifications
  • Administration module for a document management 
  • Integration with external data sources (industry standards, guides, protocols etc.)
  • Extended filtering and search options
  • Possibility to work with content in offline mode
  • Mobile workplace for accessing content from any device anytime (Android, iOS)

Technologies and tools

Energy and Utilities

Eastern European energy and utilities company operating over 70 hydroelectric facilities required a system for effective management of their information assets.

Qulix was the main contractor for integration and customization of EMC Documentum.

It was important for the company to have intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Qulix engineers developed own UI/UX on SmartGWT framework and integrated them into EMC Documentum.

The delivered system solved typical data issues of an enterprise and was easily adopted by end users due to simple design.

Technologies and tools

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