Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) part of Global Avian Influenza Network for Surveillance is the organization aimed at conserving 2M square miles of wild places around the world.



WCS project's aim is to track the information about the wild birds` influenza viruses transformation and understanding the viral strains.
The client also faced an issue of on-time information delivery to the government, international organizations, private sector and the general public.

The client addressed Qulix Systems with a need to develop and test an additional website component - Data Explorer application. This component should help WCS handle the increasing data processing tasks.

Project overview

Having analyzed client`s needs and business objectives Qulix got a team of developers, testers and a business analyst to deliver the system with the features like:

  • Storing and processing different kinds of WCS artifacts: Species, Surveys, Diagnosis, Taxa, Sampling events and organizations involved
  • Administration of users, rights, roles, permissions including mechanisms of definition user’s access level
  • Several search options: from simple Base Search to complicated Query Builder Tool
  • Data export in xls, pdf, csv, xml
  • Application mode set up functionality
  • Data arrangement options
  • Data structure set up mode

Releases were delivered once in two months.


Qulix delivered a Data Explorer web application tailored strictly to the WCS needs. The intuitive application interface allows processing and analyzing information quickly. The integrated application optimized the client`s workflow.


  • ASP.NET 
  • IIS application server
  • MS SQL 2005
  • DNN framework
  • CodeSmith Tool
  • Rational Clear Quest