Surgutneftegasbank - is one of the largest regional banks in Russia. The presence of the bank in all sectors of the banking market makes it an alternative to any other bank and ensure its functioning in the modern world.



Qulix is a long-term supplier for SURGUTNEFTEGASBANK (SNGB) projects. For the scope of years we have already completed several projects: development of corporate portal, virtual ATM, e-banking system/ money management and remote banking services application, customer loyalty system.

The corporate portal performs the following functions:

  • Provides information about the bank's services, products and tariffs;
  • Displays news, press releases, upcoming and held events for SNGB clients and partners;
  • "Service selection wizard" gives an opportunity for a client to choose a service based on a step-by-step or table questionnaire;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Conducting surveys and showing the results;
  • Customer feedback.

Qulix delivered a virtual office solution with the following features:

  • Personal account on the corporate site
  • Ability for any website visitor to register
  • A payment service for the website visitors (integration with virtual terminals)
  • The registration of third-party payment tools and wallets
  • A set of additional services that may be of interest to visitors and allow the bank to expand its customer base (get an insurance policy, buy a ticket).

Additional services

  • Insurance (select, request, pay, activate the insurance policy, store purchase history, get a notification on policy expiration, promotions, news, articles)
  • Money transfers – peer-to-peer, credit card – to credit card, credit account to card, etc
  • PFM - personal spending analysis, financial goals and savings forecasts, financial adviser (possible goal attainment scenarios),  personal budget management
  • Real Estate – looking for a real estate object, buy or select credit options
  • Tourism – buy a ticket on a train, plain, etc

SNGB remote banking allows easily make any payments, buy available banking products, manage your accounts, cards and deposits, and many more.


Qulix delivered a comprehensive points management system for SNGB. It allows the bank’s marketing team to execute customer bonus programs. The retail clients have access to personalized promotional information, points they accumulated and can spend, the history of spending points. Users can filter the information displayed by specifying different criteria.

The system also contains relevant information about partners’ deals, while animation effects make interaction more dynamic and appealing.


Qulix developed money management and remote banking services application for SNGB. The app allows users to make various financial transactions. It complies with the highest information security standards and outperforms a number of competitive products thanks to the modern user-friendly responsive interface.


  • Java
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Oracle Weblogic