FieldLens is a mobile communication platform that provides project management tools for the construction industry. FieldLens offers apps developed for contractors to manage field information about construction projects.



FieldLens is the project that allows a group of users creating different tasks and tracking its’ feasibility. The system enables to easily create projects, add participants and tasks, and share them.

When Qulix team joined the project, the required functionality had been already implemented (e.g., options to create projects, tasks, leave comments, add information (voice, photo, video notes, etc.)


  • iOS: Objective C, Swift, CocoaPods, Fabric, SQLite, Core Data, AWS
  • Android: Java, Android SDK, Gradle, SQLite, Fabric, AWS 
  • Backend: Java, Spring, AWS
  • Front-end: JS ES6, TypeScript, AngularJS, React, Redux etc.

Some words from our clients

Chris Tava

CTO at Fieldlens

“The mobile dev team provides a great service. They are my preferred off-shore IT service specialists. Qulix engineers are exceptional problem solvers. They are frequently thrown problems to solve with little to no information.”