Hybrid Mobile application development

Discover possibilities of hybrid mobile technologies that help you release applications faster and cheaper. We create cross-platform products which are no different from native ones.

Why hybrid?


Rich functionality

Access to native mobile features (accelerometer, camera, contacts, social sharing) and other device’s hardware capabilities.


No difference in look-and-feel

Possibilities to polish and customize UI/UX to specifics of iOS and android platforms.


Well-written hybrid app performs as good as native

With knowledge of cross-platform development tools it is possible to deliver fast and responsive solutions.


Faster time-to-market, lower TCO along with 2x wide audience reach

Single software program for Apple and Android users – faster release, easier updates.


How hybrid apps are built


Addressing client’s questions, prioritizing features, risk assessment and project planning.


Building wireframes, navigation and pages prototypes.

Agile product development

Feature-by-feature creation of application, instant adjustments to in the project scope to release a top notch final product.

Quality assurance

Testing the solution on real devices and fixing the detected issues.

Launching app to stores

Publication to iTunes, Google Play and other popular markets.

Functionality scaling and updates

Getting the feedback, enhancing experiences and introducing new features.

Why Qulix

  • Mobile strategy advisory

    Before any coding starts we work out a strategy for your mobile application – primary/secondary functionality, release schedule and app KPIs.

  • Smart utilization of development platforms, tools and plugins

    Our product managers and software architects help to utilize most of the web and cross-mobile platforms, products and plug-ins available.

  • Offline-first approach

    It’s important to provide users with great experience any time and especially when connection is unstable (periodic loss of signal/Internet). Caching network requests in a local storage regulates app’s operation. 

  • Testing plan, real devices

    Testing on most popular iPhone and Android devices is a must. Checking how the program works on a real smartphone shows if any performance or GUI issues take place.

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