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Dedicated developers from Qulix Systems will be there when you need them most and will make your project development easily scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.


What Is the Dedicated Development Team Model?

In outsourcing, the dedicated development team is a cooperation model where a software development vendor provides a client with a team of dedicated developers on a long-term basis. Dedicated teams are shaped up in accordance with the business goals of the specific project, their experience and tech skills. Project management and communication may lie with the software development company.

3 Signs It's Time to Hire Dedicated Developers

Certain scenarios are ideal for hiring a dedicated software development team.

You have development experience, know the intricacies of the lifecycle of digital products, and are aware of how to build effective processes, but you lack the resources to launch a project on your own.

You have no IT department or your core team is overloaded and has no capabilities to get distracted from strategic business priorities (you are all into the server side but you urgently need front-end developers for redesign).

You cannot clearly define the project's scope and its often vague requirements are constantly changing in the process.

Setting Up the Dedicated Team

The main purpose of the dedicated development team model is to swiftly and effortlessly go through the hiring process and assemble a team of highly-skilled professionals that would perform as your own internal team. This cooperation model enables you to completely replace your in-house team or arrange joint operation of both.

Let's Go with the Workflow

Requirements Analysis

The outsourcing company studies project requirements and the client's preferences as to how to arrange the development process.

Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.

Selecting Team Members

Judging by the project scope and business requirements, we compile a team of professionals fit for the task. It can be software engineers, business analysts, project managers, QA engineers — our entire vast talent pool is at your service.

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Dedicated Team Integration

Here, we define who is the project manager, which communication channels should be used, and which monitoring tools will be applied.

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The customer receives reporting documents on how much time was spent for development in accordance with the agreed form. This time determines the amount of money due on a monthly basis.

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Dedicated Project Team Structure

Forget about managing the recruiting process all by yourself. We have already assembled, balanced, and focused dedicated development teams waiting to get down to your project.

Sample Dedicated Team Structure

If you want a great dedicated software development team, you came to the right place. Our team members come from a variety of expertise domains and include seasoned specialists of various lines of occupation. It enables us to approach the client's project in a comprehensive way through all its stages — from idea elaboration, project design all the way through the development process to product delivery.

Our dedicated software developers take on regular training courses to upgrade their tech skills and offer you only the best expertise in the market.

Benefits of Dedicated Development Teams

Why does this cooperation model enjoy such popularity?

Speed of the Hiring Process

The dedicated team works best since we've got plenty of top talents on our staff. Thus you get immediate access to a vast talent pool and cutting-edge technologies with no need to go through recruiting yourself. With Qulix Systems, you won't lose the anticipated profit - we build on budget and on time.


You can increase or decrease the size of your dedicated development team by duly notifying your vendor in advance. You won't need to dismiss software engineers, thus you will avoid legal issues related to official employment.

Partial Delegation

On the customer's part, there is little to nothing effort connected with management, since this engagement model suggests that team management and administration lie within the outsourcing company's area of responsibility. The customer makes decisions that directly affect results and quality.

Transparent Processes

The dedicated development team model implies daily communication with the team. Thanks to it, you will always know how far the development process has gone and which challenges dedicated developers are facing now.


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Are there any cons to the dedicated team model? Nothing is perfect. Unlike in the case of conventional outsourcing, the customer bears some project risks. For instance, the customer should take care to transfer information and allocate resources for project documentation management to reduce the dependency on the software vendor. Also, you should ensure enough workload for dedicated teams, since idle time is usually covered by invoicing.

Work with a Leading Outsourcing Company

Qulix Systems is always striving to work with the dedicated team approach in mind, since our software development experience has proved it to be a win-win business model both for long-term projects.

5 Reasons to Pick Us

Fast ramping up

Clear pricing and


Top talents in different spheres


Our mission here is to prove that dedicated software development teams measure up to your in-house team and can be loyal and responsive to your company culture. Exercising the dedicated team model, we've delivered dozens of cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients, ensuring that this approach really works and will help you meet all project requirements.