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Finding an E-Trading Software Developer: Our Tips

According to the latest forecast, the global online stock market is expected to grow up to 12 billion US dollars in 2028, so the demand for e-trading software will also significantly increase. But what does it take to create an online trading platform? Since the trading industry involves certain risks, innovative data analytics and automation technologies will come in handy.

If you're looking for the most experienced company in the field or want to get more insights into trading platform software development, keep reading this article!


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E-Trading System: What Is the Idea?

Long ago, investors and trading companies were communicating with each other face-to-face with the help of a financial intermediary. This process was time-consuming and rather inefficient since traders had to trust the word-of-mouth predictions of a broker. But with the advent of modern technologies and online platforms, the world of the stock market has completely changed and reached a new level.

So, what is an electronic trading system (or platform)? In general, this notion refers to the trading software created for any user who wants to place and manage financial products like stocks, bonds, currencies or similar via an online broker. These trading systems can have the form of either web-based or mobile applications.

Let's analyze the major groups of trading platforms together!

Traditional Exchanges

If you deal with currencies, commodities, or real estate, you should choose some traditional stock trading platform. Such systems can be of two types, and they are still in high demand because trade participants are totally familiar with the assets placed there.

Proprietary Trading

When a big company or a financial institution trades its assets using its own money only, it means prop trading occurs. The fundamental goal here is to make an excess profit. And it's primarily large brokerage firms that create platforms for prop trading.

Commercial Trading

Retail investors and day traders opt for this type of platform as it usually abounds in valuable features that facilitate risk management and provide relevant information.

trading platform

Crypto-Based Platforms

Since cryptocurrency keeps conquering the modern world, there is a high demand for crypto-based trading platforms. As a rule, such trading systems allow users to exchange assets either with the help of financial brokers or via a P2P model.

Core Features of Trading Software

Trading software development is quite a challenging task because you have to create a platform that meets the requirements of all the traders. Since the ability to react efficiently to market conjunctures is their priority, it’s essential to embed trading algorithms and data-driven solutions into trading software. Some other crucial features you'll find below.

Research Tools

With sophisticated research tools and execution engines, traders can access all sorts of financial information about any company wanted. Earnings history, analyst ratings, and relevant news — all this data facilitates and accelerates the decision-making process, so such tools are a must.


To create quality software, the development team should embed real-time push notifications into the mobile trading platform so that users can quickly react to market updates, company news, and stock price changes.


This feature is crucial for any trading software. Since global events impact a company's stock value, traders must monitor all the relevant news. Also, having quick access to various information sources enables market participants to find a timely and efficient trading solution.

Trading software features


Analyzing transaction details and trade results opens up numerous opportunities for market participants and enhances their decisions. So, the statistics presented in charts, diagrams, and reports are a vital feature for online trading systems.

Quote Monitoring

For any trader, it's essential to keep track of the real-time price of securities, so trading software developers should keep this in mind and provide users with reliable quote monitoring tools.

Top 7 Trading Platform Development Companies

And when you know how to build a trading platform (if not, check this post) and what features to embed in it, it's high time to choose a custom trading software development company ready to meet all your demands. Since it's hard to pick just one software vendor, we've shortlisted the most experienced companies in the field. So, let's have a look at them!

#1. InfoSysTrade

It is one of the best IT vendors capable of creating algorithmic trading systems and quality financial software. The company delivers platforms for physical exchanges, FCMs, and hedge funds and offers its clients price aggregators, advanced user interfaces, and 24/7 support.

#2. Softvelopers

The company has more than 20 years of experience, so it's an excellent choice for those who seek a reliable trading mobile app developer. Softvelopers focuses on forex trading, stock trading, and cryptocurrency software with embedded AI solutions and trading robots.

#3. Empirica

Empirica is a custom trading software development company specializing in all kinds of digital products for the banking and finance field. It has significant experience in creating both traditional and crypto-based platforms, so it is ready to come up with a perfect trading solution for each customer.

trading software development

#4. ScopicSoftware

Another giant in the trading software development industry is ScopicSoftware. The company creates quality platforms empowered by advanced charting tools, real-time filtering, and big data analytics and guarantees speeded delivery and high flexibility to its clients.

#5. Magnise

If you're looking for experienced crypto-based trading platform developers, Magnise can become a perfect option. The company leverages share trading software, digital brokerage, and blockchain ledgers, and taken altogether, it brings quality results.

#6. Rademade

It’s a client-oriented software vendor whose primary goal consists of managing brokers' work. Using innovative tools, the company can create web and mobile apps that will become an excellent solution both for beginners and professional investors.

#7. Itexus

Leveraging market analytics, strategies for passive asset allocation, and portfolio management, this IT company quickly delivers smart and secure trading software. What’s more, Itexus cooperates both with experienced enterprises and start-ups and effectively overcomes trading industry challenges.

Summing Up

Trading software development requires time and effort, so finding a reliable IT vendor that can accelerate and facilitate this process is just half the work. Thus, you may choose either a company from the list above or any other developer. By the way, Qulix Systems also provides financial software solutions from scratch and is quite experienced in trading platform development.

top trading software development companies

Please, contact our specialists to find out more about trading software development. Qulix Systems is always ready to offer you flawless customer service and quality software products.

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