Best Smart Home Devices in 2020

Jun 22, 2020

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The times when only Tony Stark could have a voice-activated home assistant are long gone. Nowadays hardly anyone looks at the concept of a smart home as something out of the ordinary, since it is becoming part of our everyday life. In this article, we are going to share our insights on some best smart home devices that we strongly recommend to take note of if you’d like to upgrade your home and make it really smart and futuristic. Almost the way that the famous Iron Man used to have.

The idea to introduce the best home automation gadgets that can replace manual controls appeals not only to those who are on a first-name basis with high technologies but also to ordinary people who know the value of comfort, safety, and economy.

What is the best home automation system? Which smart devices serve their purpose to the maximum extent in 2020? Before we find out, let’s review the benefits that smart home devices bring and see why you may need them.

smart and smarter

Benefits of Smart Home Devices

Even though the industry is very young (the first intelligent house appeared in Tokyo in 1989), it has seen dramatic evolutionary changes over the years. According to Statista, the number of smart homes in the market worldwide is expected to reach 375.3 million in 2024.

What are the benefits of smart devices that contributed to this drastic growth? To find the answers, we highly recommend watching the videos below.

To start with, check out Microsoft’s 90s’ vision of the mission of smart home technologies.

Compare it now with the 2020 vision of a smart home to track the similarities.

You may find the first video amusing to a man of today, but time has passed and we can unmistakably state that the benefits of smart home applications of that time did not differ much from those of today. Five major benefits that used to drive the demand for smart home devices in the 90s continue to do so in 2020. Here they are.

smart home solutions

Below we share some insights on smart home systems and gadgets that can make your life more convenient, secure, and eco-friendly, as well as save your money, and take care of your health.

Despite a great number of new smart home devices designed for various purposes in the market, we will focus only on those, which, in our humble opinion, deserve your attention. We consider them must-have smart home devices as they combine high technology and efficiency.

Study our list of choices for home automation, reviews on the devices with pros and cons, and meet a balanced decision on intelligent techs out there.

Internet of things

1. Convenience & Comfort

A user-friendly control interface in a convenient place — this is exactly what we need in our dullish classic homes. Remote home automation products and services allow making our lives efficient and easier. Custom-tailored lighting control, smart air conditioning, cleaning, and humidification systems will create a special level of comfort in your home.


Ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control and SmartSensor

This fifth-gen product with Alexa built-in, voice control, and SmartSensor will let you realize the full potential of modern technologies.

smart devices

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb is an excellent option for an energy-efficient living space that allows users to dim or brighten the light without installing dimmer switches.

smart bulbs

2. Security

smart security

Sensors located around the perimeter of your house and indoors, as well as video cameras, provide 100% monitoring of the state of the house and the wellbeing of its tenants. Security systems remotely lock/unlock doors and windows, prevent fires, gas leaks, call security in case of trespassing on private property, and do much more to make your mind calm and peaceful.


Arlo Ultra

This is a 4K UHD security system for those who want the best stuff. Tech-savvy users note that Arlo Ultra has really great features you can’t find in every camera.

Smart Camera

SimpliSafe Home Security System

Here we have a versatile and easy-to-use system to protect every door and window. Choose this seamless solution to keep your home safe from intrusions, floods, and fires.

smart device

cost savings

3. Economy

Smart homes also ensure real savings by optimizing energy use. Choose the right home control system to save some cash by shutting off heating when no one’s home, reducing power and water consumption.


Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Consume water wisely and save money with this cool gadget. You can adjust the watering schedule to the local weather and your smart assistant will water lawns at the most efficient time.

smart sprinkler

Hydrao Shower Aloe

The smart showerhead allows you to significantly reduce your water use in the shower. As you take a shower, red and green LEDs will indicate how much water you have consumed. Red lights will indicate if your water consumption level is above the norm. Use this gadget to set a water consumption limit per shower session.

Smart Shower

Eco evangelist

4. Eco-Friendliness

A specific benefit for those who place eco-friendliness above costs.


SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

These energy-saving blinds are our No. 1 choice as the best smart home technology in 2020. The blinds will help you save exhaustible natural resources by reducing the usage of traditional energy.

smart blinds

Zera Food Recycler

This innovative food composter allows cutting down on food waste. The revolutionary kitchen recycler transforms your food scraps into a ready-to-use fertilizer.

smart eating


5. Healthcare

This category of smart devices includes motion sensors that help us keep a close eye on our children or senior relatives, the latest technological advances for tracking your sleep, or even bone composition. Try them out to significantly facilitate your daily healthcare routines.


Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier 3H

This Xiaomi air purifier is beyond doubt among smart home must-haves of 2020. It will significantly improve air quality in your room in only ten minutes. Now you can schedule air purification with an iOS and Android app whenever you want.

smart life

inTouch Smart Glide Massage Chair

Six massage programs and customizable massage modes will help you relax while enjoying a professional therapeutic massage.

smart chair

These are smart devices, which will help you live a more convenient, secure, eco-friendly, less costly, and healthier life.

However, we’re not done yet. We would like to brief you on three more smart home must-haves, that guarantee the above-mentioned benefits but on a higher level.

Always smart

AI in Our Homes

Here are the devices from the list of the best home automation systems and gadgets developed using AI. The future is for self-learning systems that analyze the behavior of the host and adapt to it.

1. Orro Smart Light Switch

The market has several different WiFi enabled lighting systems, but Orro is the first self-learning one. The device remembers user preferences to predict them later on. Orro changes the lighting depending on the time of day and natural light. The gadget connects to the hub and can be controlled using voice activation.

2. Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera

Netamo has a serious advantage over its competitors — it uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces. To protect your privacy, the device starts recording video of your household only when it identifies an unfamiliar face.

3. AXI Washing Machine from Hoover

Finally, the solution has been found for those who do not know whether to wash a silk blouse with jeans and what mode suits to wash linen. The Hoover washing machine knows all the answers. The next-gen washing machine can recognize your voice and respond to your requests. It can also define the degree of laundry contamination and check the weather forecast for you if you are going to dry clothes outside.

internet of things

To Sum It Up

We have listed the top smart home devices to use in 2020. The IoT market is full of eye-catching offers. These can be self-learning thermostats and even washing machines to have a heart-to-heart conversation in the evening. We hope you’ll make the best use of the above best smart devices for your home and it’ll help you design your high tech and 100% efficient dwelling.

Need updating for your home or facilities? The Qulix Systems team will be happy to help you integrate a family of smart devices into a single system. Let’s bring your ideas to life together!

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