Qulix among Top Java Developers of 2021

Jan 12, 2022

java development

There is a list of the best Java developers compiled by TopDevelopers.co last December. And we are on it!

A really good and reputable Java development company is hard to come by. But thanks to the job done by TopDevelopers’ professionals, potential clients may look through various ratings that contain info about the level of services provided by top software development companies out there.

This time, we have landed on the list of the leading Java experts capable of delivering complex projects, which is proven by customer reviews. We share this honor with such companies as Andersen, CactusSoft, Scand, Itransition, Altoros, etc. But, most importantly, we are not merely ON the list; we are in the top 5!

Good job, Java!

A quick reminder: This is not our first recognition by TopDevelopers. Qulix’s name is also on the list of the top-performing .NET developers.

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