Qulix Systems Launches an IoT Project Together with A1

Jun 4, 2020


Qulix Systems proudly announces the launch of a unique IoT solution designed for bridge safety remote monitoring. It operates on the basis of an NB-IoT network provided by A1, which enables data transmission in the remote mode and monitoring of the condition of bridges, buildings and other facilities even in the most hard-to-reach places.

The solution includes a small device (inclinometer) and an IoT platform developed by Qulix Systems. The inclinometer is mounted onto an object on a spot to be monitored (e. g. in the middle of a bridge) where it measures tilt angles (i. e. pitch & roll) and transmits data via an NB-IoT network to the IoT platform for further processing.

The processed data shows whether the object is OK or on the contrary whether it has begun to sink or bend which may lead to any dangerous situation. Thus you will be able not only to prevent and promptly respond to such accidents in the road and construction industries but timely plan maintenance or overhaul works as well.

In addition, if limit values are exceeded, the device sends an alarm message (via email, SMS or any messenger) that is why maintenance personnel do not always have to visit the object on site which leads to further cost optimization.

Alexey Hodakovsky, Head of the Internet of Things Cluster at Qulix Systems, comments on the project:

“We are glad that our IoT solution has been implemented in the sphere of construction safety. It is the truly favorable partnership relations between our company and A1 that paved the way to the emergence of such a unique system which is capable of handling important monitoring tasks and can be applied for various facilities in any part of the country — from bridges, overpasses and overhead crossings to telecommunications towers and antenna masts. What is of special value for us, this solution both reduces maintenance costs and first and foremost contributes to enhanced safety and security. For me personally it is of great importance that such initiatives serve the cause of business and people at the same time”.

Unlike other inclinometers, this joint development project with A1 does not require connection to an electric grid and can send data in the remote mode. The energy efficiency of devices ensures their autonomous operation over the course of three years. What is more, they do not have any peculiar requirements for mounting and can be put in place in literally five minutes.

Qulix Systems is very proud to be part of such an important industrial project and hopes for this initiative to grow exponentially in the future.

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