The Genuine Quality of Our .Net Developers

Sep 16, 2020

.net development

In August of 2020, Qulix Systems was included into the list of reliable .Net developers by For the second time this year!

Our company has always been aware of the fact the .NET is feature rich, that is why we try to apply it for as many apps as possible. No wonder that during 20+ years of exploring vast areas of the IT sector, we were recognized by a third party as a trusted developer. A quick reminder that back in January our developers were recognized by this very community.

So why do we like .Net so much? A few advantages to make you believe in the power of this development framework.

First and foremost, this framework requires less coding and enables increased reuse of code, so no time and money will be spent on unnecessary codes. In addition, thanks to safe code execution and controlled code sharing, we reduce conflicts in software deployment and minimize performance problems. Throughout all those years .Net has been present in the developers’ world, it has demonstrated its reliable and stable nature, which are top must-haves for IT specialists.

What is more, .Net developers have the powerful tool at their disposal to ensure enhanced app security, including code access security and role-based security. Moreover, this framework has always been advertised as being language-independent, so we can work with a multitude of compliant languages (C#, IronRuby, Visual Basic .NET, IronPython, etc.) and create apps for desktops, browsers and PDA-run apps.

No wonder that we are extremely proud that our efforts have been highly praised and would like to underline the importance of our great teamwork and close collaboration with clients. In all new projects to come, we will do our best to keep the high quality of our work and achieve new and better results.

More on our software development services can be found on our website or requested via direct contact with our Support Team.