Qulix Systems Will Be Among Speakers at Fintex Summit Online 2021

Jan 27, 2021

fintech industry

On January, 28–29, Alexander Arabey, our Director of Business Development, will be taking the floor at Fintex Summit Online 2021.

With the pandemic still disrupting the conventional ways of conducting business and communication, the world business is finding solutions to get back on track and maintain interactions. The summit will be held entirely in the online mode. The switch from the usual offline mode predictably reflects the changes we observe under the current circumstances, with online financial services playing a pivotal role and gaining a considerable new online share.

This year’s event will be dedicated to new trends in the banking and payment ecosystem covering such aspects as innovative solutions, fintechs, and security. The topic of our director’s presentation will be E-Invoicing & B2B Payments Service as Part of the Banking Ecosystem (based on www.kasssa.com service).

“Having a good banking app is no longer enough for banks — they should develop their own ecosystems with additional services and convenient features. But most banks do not have the necessary capabilities for that, while such business endeavors require large teams of developers and a lot of time. So outsourcing this task would be the most reasonable and advantageous decision,” notes Alexander.

More details on the issue will be uncovered at the upcoming event. Extra info about the summit and its schedule can be found on the official website.

About Fintex Summit

Fintex Summit 2021 is a virtual Azerbaijani event with endless possibilities, which include such virtual facilities as an auditorium, a booth, a lounge, networking, and much more.


The principal goal of the event is to provide support to the market, maintain an adequate platform for the stakeholders to stay tuned about what is going on with financial technologies and digitalization, exchange their knowledge and expertise, find new possibilities, and be engaged even more than before.

This year unites over 3,000 participants from the financial sector, including representatives of fintechs, embassies, banks, and other financial establishments, academicians, etc., with 60 speakers and 10 panels covering all the topics the industry needs.

Rest assured the two days of January will be highly productive.