Qulix Systems among the Best iOS Companies in the UK

Jan 4, 2021

iOS app development

Let’s start the year 2021 with a piece of good news. Last month our company was recognized as one of the top iOS developers in the United Kingdom.

The rating was compiled by Welp Magazine, an online publication resource, which focuses on technology, including software development and accompanying services. The list includes a multitude of prominent players in the iOS development domain, selected by professional analysts for a number of reasons. Among them are SwiftKey, iChimp, AppInstitute, Mediatonic Games, Auroch Digital, BioTeq, and many more. The selection process was based on detailed client reviews of each candidate and the history of successful projects in the sphere, using data from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

In today’s highly-competitive smartphone market, mobile OSs have a tough fight to gain users’ hearts. So if you want your app to run perfectly on Apple devices, you should approach the selection of the app developer with due care. Don’t forget to find out whether the development company under consideration has sound know-how of cutting-edge tools and iOS technologies and that it has some solid experience in the iOS domain. Ask for an estimation of your app development cost and time schedule in advance to make sure it falls within your budget and planned launch period. Luckily, there are plenty of aggregation platforms like Crunch or TopDevelopers.co that will give you a hand in making the right decision when it comes to iOS developers.

As an experienced developer with loads of knowledge in iOS development, including networking, databases, location tracking, camera processing, webview systems, background services, notifications, in-app purchases, etc., we are proud to be among the best British developers. Congratulations to our iOS teams on this recognition.

More on our iOS expertise can be found on our website.