Testing with Quality. Qulix among the Best in Poland

May 27, 2022

Clutch QA in poland

Qulix is back on Clutch and hits the list of the best QA providers in Poland.

As one of the most prominent independent platforms, Clutch aggregates customer reviews about each vendor registered in its website database. The latest list was dedicated to QA experts from Poland. And being on this list is something a bit different this time, since Poland was not much of a focus for us in the previous years.

But as we expand the geography of our work, we are always glad to be recognized in new territorial domains and share this moment with other prominent industry players such as DeviQA, Zappletech, QArea, Acaisoft, and others.

Why Is It of Value?

Clutch is a perfect place for outsourcers to find the ideal match for their project. Its analysts conduct in-depth research of the company in question and produce unbiased feedback from its clients about their interaction with it. In the end, you can get both positive and less positive reviews, thus looking at the entire picture. This approach makes this b2b platform highly reliable and relevant for company representatives looking for top-performing masters of the trade.

For more info about Clutch and its scoring methodology, please check this link.