Financial institution building in london with a man on bench and red bus passing by. Plus banner of banking tech awards finalist

Qulix Shortlisted for the 2022 Banking Tech Awards Held in London

Oct 10, 2022

Long time no see — Qulix fintech team hits the finalists list of the 2022 Banking Tech Awards.

Recognized Achievements and the Project in Question

This year’s achievement is gained by the Qulix team engaged in the Kassa project.

Our team developed an innovative solution to tackle billing and invoicing issues for SMEs. The project embraces a blockchain-based platform that integrates a large set of third-party services. In addition, it provides a wide range of connection options from a set of user interfaces to a full integration API.

The solution is perfect for smaller companies with no budget for developing their own software. Since it is based on ML techs it empowers SMEs to build their personal strategy for interaction with each counterparty and considerably decrease accounts receivable, increase cash flow, and cut time for invoicing.

Our guys were responsible for the complete product design and turnkey development. Currently, we act as a technology partner and take care of technologies and their integration in compliance with business requirements.


For our outstanding results and a thorough presentation of the project, we were nominated in the Leadership Awards category under the Top Tech Team – Tech/Service Provider subcategory.

We will be competing with such names as OpenFin, NdcTech, Form3, and Featurespace. The ultimate winners will be announced on December 1 during a celebration ceremony at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

The Awards in Brief

This year will be the 23rd time when the Banking Tech Awards is granted. It is one of the most prestigious global awards that recognizes excellence in the implementation of technology for finances. Among its nominees are banking and financial institutions, fintech vendors as well as people who are behind the innovations.

Even landing among finalists is tough, since you go through the strictest selection procedure and have to comply with such criteria as the quality and quantity of implemented projects, the level of fintech expertise, project complexity, and so forth.

It is a great honor for a software vendor to receive such an award, and much so for a development team. Since it implies that your skills, leadership, and dedication to the domain have been recognized at the highest level by the international panel.

Fingers crossed this December will bring more good news for us!