How we work

Qulix Systems has been a leading provider of software development, quality assurance and IT consulting services for 16 years already. All this time we have been developing our proprietary approach for a quick project start and smooth collaboration. Due to the precise requirements` analysis and absence of language barriers we deliver top-notch products that cover end user needs. Our goal is to provide you with a solution to your business issues via the right technology tools.

Our Approach

Client-oriented approach

  • Individual approach
  • Precise requirements` analysis
  • No language barriers
  • Understanding end-user needs

Process maturity

  • Quick project start
  • Efficient task prioritisation
  • Smart resource management
  • Knowledge retention


  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Continuous knowledge improvement
  • Following the latest trends
  • Introduction of new technologies


  • Onsite, offsite, mixed teams
  • Fast team scalability
  • Process alignment to any methodology
  • Adjusting to any project management scheme

How To Start Working with us


A  non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is the first step we make on the way to engage with every new client. We commit to keeping all client sensitive data secure and do not disclose it to any third party. Usually we sign our client's NDA but can provide ours as well.

Requirements Analysis

Our experienced team of business analysts and architects perform accurate requirements analysis in the initial phase, defining the best architectural solution for the client and the roadmap for the project implementation.


Depending on the initial requirements (SRS, brief scope of work) we either provide a full estimate with a breakdown of hours or a preliminary quote if we do not have any technical documentation on the project.


If we agree on partnership we sign an MSA (Master Service Agreement) on the time period requested by the client.


Based on the price model selected (fixed price or time & material) we negotiate the payment timelines and start the development and testing process.


 As soon as the product is delivered to the client and all payments are complete we pass all source codes and IP rights of the software to the client.

Maintenance & Support

We also provide ongoing maintenance and software support services  for our clients.

Qulix Team Structure

The basic team structure is shown below. However this should not be taken as granted and is customised for each client.



We recommend to use an Agile approach however a waterfall method can also be implemented upon request.

Agile Method


Waterfall Method


Benefits of agile

  • Fast reaction to the rapidly changing market trends
  • Quick deliveries with short cycles
  • Any requirement changes possible
  • Reduced time-to-market due to decreased overheads and increased efficiency
  • Frequent opportunities to re-prioritise work
  • Development work is aligned with customer needs
  • Visibility on the state of the project at all times
  • Monitoring the project, catching and addressing issues quickly

Scrum Process


Project Management Tools


We are also open to using any other project management tool requested by our customer.


We provide all means of communication to our clients: in-person meetings, phone calls, email messages, instant messages via skype, viber, etc.


In person meetings







IP Rights

The software, documentation, source code, all drafts along with proprietary rights, including all intellectual property rights such as copyrights, moral rights, patent and trade secret rights are the exclusive property of the Client.

We commit to keeping confidential any data or information, spoken or written, that relates to Client or any of Client's existing or contemplated business activities, technology, developments, software, methods, trade secrets, drawings, specifications, models (including investment models), investment theories, vendor lists, research, strategies, performance, asset and contact information, documents, financial statements, forecasts and forecast assumptions.

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