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Introducing 15+ Top Data Management Platforms for 2022

Data is the living force of modern businesses as we produce an overwhelming amount of it every day. No wonder effective solutions for data management are all the rage. According to Built With, more than 37 thousand among the Best 1 Million Sites are using top data management platforms in July 2022. With such platforms, businesses can get data analysis for unique insights but can also connect to a wide variety of data marketplaces, aggregators, and vendors for next-gen powerful marketing campaigns.

We've handpicked our exclusive top list of the best data management platforms (DMP vendors) for 2022. With it, you can trace all the trends and emerging solutions in the niche.


Aliaksei Sliborski

Senior Software Developer, Qulix Systems

Top Data Management Platforms

Some Stats to Add Value

How much data is produced annually? Well, in the Statista report we can find that in 2021 we all generated 79 zettabytes of data. It is projected that by 2025 this amount will reach 180 zettabytes worldwide. Impressive, huh?

No wonder, that, according to Experian Data Quality, 83% of businesses take data as an integral part of their strategic goals. Moreover, 98% of companies from the Fortune 500 list use most of their data to improve customer engagement and loyalty. At the same time, 69% of organizations admit that inaccurate data seriously undermines their efforts.

How dramatic is that? Well, Gartner estimated that poor data quality and inadequate utilization cost organizations an average of $12.9 million every year. Are you ready to add your money to this loss?

Best Data Management Platforms: Our Top 15 List

You can find a lot of data management platforms (DMP) on the market today. They collect and enrich data, support you in audience data management and targeting, help monetize your data, etc.

So, what are the best offers on the market today that may help you work with your customer data right? Among all the data management platforms available we advise you to pay special attention to the following ones.

Audience Data

Adobe Audience Manager

With Adobe data management solutions you can collect data from various sources, arrange your audience data and create segments, aas well as discover new insights. In the users' list of the company, there are such famous brands as the National Bank of Canada, Hyatt, Sky, Virgin Holidays, and others.


  • Smooth integration with Adobe ecosystem products.
  • Capable of ingesting structured and unstructured data from lots of outer services.
  • Easy access to the software via its virtual model.


  • High price.
  • May be complicated to learn.
  • Many customers complain that it takes a long time to load data into the tool.

Amobee Marketing Platform

Amobee (formerly Turn) offers a full advertising platform with ingrained data management capabilities. Users of the platform are Airbnb, Spotify, Kia, the NBA, and others.


  • Wide range of options.
  • Integrated into the Amobee omnichannel media platform.
  • Advanced insights through audience intelligence, data onboarding, segment creation, and more.


  • High price.
  • May be redundant for SMEs that need just effective data management platforms (you can’t choose a DMP only).

In 2021, Amobee was named a leader, challenger, and visionary in Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech by Gartner.

Google Marketing Platform

Google offers one of the most demanded marketing platforms with data management capabilities and advertising on Google Cloud.


  • Excellent for advertising on Google.
  • Integrates web data with advertising audience data and advanced analytics.
  • Has innovative predictive analytics for building your marketing strategy.


  • Two formats: for SMEs and large enterprises. You will find incorporated DMP capabilities only in the enterprise category.
  • Some third-party data sources can be ingested but it is not as effective as its competitors.
  • Channel management options are not as wide as on some other platforms.

What can illustrate success better than money? Thus, Google's total revenue in Q4 2021 was $75.3 billion, of which $61.2 billion was received from Google advertising.


The main focus of the Lotame data management software is offering one of the leading unstacked data solutions. Brands like IBM, CBC, McClatchy, and many others use Lotame products.

The Lotame DMP includes four integrated products: Audience Management for first-party audiences, Identity Resolution on its recognized Panorama identity platform, and a pair of Lotame Data Exchange Marketplace platforms: one tailored for buyers, and one for sellers.


  • The platform is media-agnostic and you can ingest data from any source.
  • Very adaptable and flexible and allows you to turn to the technology and services you choose.
  • Exceptionally attentive customer service.


  • High price.
  • No free trial and freemium options.
  • Services lack some popular automation features like live reporting of the audience, premium consulting, and integration.

In Digiday Technology Awards 2020, Lotame became the leader in the Best Data Management Platforms DMP of the Year nomination.

Mapp Cloud

The leading product of the company — the Mapp data management platform or Mapp Cloud — has an impressive list of users. Brands like Pepsico, Unilever, Lloyds Banking Group, Lamborghini, and others reach their audiences masterly with the help of Mapp digital insights.


  • Specialized solutions for media planning, financial services, retail, and agencies.
  • A 360-degree view of your customers for improved marketing and boosted sales.
  • Incorporated email marketing tools.


  • Slow customer service.
  • Some customers complain that the pricing is not always transparent.
  • May be difficult to deal with the platform's tools interface.

In August 2021, Mapp Cloud was recognized as the “Best Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform” by MarTech Breakthrough.

Management Platforms


The leading product of MediaMath is an enhanced demand side platform with advanced data management capabilities under the hood. It is used by more than 3,500 active users, including IBM, eBay, Coca-Cola, and others.


  • Data management is integrated with your media-buying activities.
  • Has a set of tools for an audience manager — creative, campaign, and media management, targeting, and customer segments development.
  • Coordination of campaigns across mobile channels, audio, video, connected TV, digital out-of-home (DOOH), etc.


  • High price.
  • You have to buy the full platform access as there is no separate plan for the data management platform.
  • Needs more flexibility in reporting.

In April 2022, MediaMath obtained a $150 million recapitalization transaction to boost its platform's ecosystem.

Nielsen DMP

The platform connects you to Nielsen's Marketing Cloud capabilities. Nielsen has one of the largest databases of international clients in more than 100 countries and uses this pool of data to create one of the most complete pictures of customers needs and wishes. With the data management platform, you can grow, optimize, and segment your customer data.


  • Connection to extensive Nielsen audience database.
  • Your marketing team gets advanced insights with Nielsen Artificial Intelligence.


  • Can be difficult to use at start.
  • Strict Nielsen’s contracts that can limit your activities.

In April 2022, Nielsen was named the Best Use of Technology winner by Digiday Media Buying and Planning Awards.

Oracle CX Marketing

One of the global leaders of database software, Oracle has a range of marketing solutions under its Marketing Cloud umbrella. Oracle’s BlueKai data management platform provides a full view of customers, unifies your data, and utilizes audience data to drive your advertising decisions.


  • Full integration with the brand's database software.
  • Ties your customer experience data with your financial data.
  • Combines CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities with a DMP.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • High price.
  • Complex deployment.
  • Offers only full-featured plans.

As for the latest news from the brand, we can notice that the total revenue of Oracle in 2021 was $40.479 billion, which is a 3.61% increase from 2020.

Salesforce CDP

The wide list of Salesforce customer relationship management solutions includes an integrated Salesforce CDP (customer data platform) that provides tools for engaging and personalizing every moment of your customers' journeys.


  • Highly customizable platform with a bunch of built-in compliance capabilities which are precious for international businesses.
  • Salesforce’s Einstein AI technology for data quality and identity management.


  • High price.
  • Needs more responsive customer service.
  • Poor integration with other vendors' products.

In 2021, Salesforce’s CDP was named among the top five leaders of The Best Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by The CRM Industry Leader Awards.

SAS Data Management

SAS Data Management is a high-output enterprise-level DMP that plays a significant role in the suite of software products of the company. The SAS Data Management platform helps you unify all of your organization’s siloed data, standardize and upgrade it, and then you can carry out your analysis. 


  • Excellent UI even for non-tech people.
  • Can connect to a variety of data sources. You can implement your rules across the software which is useful, for example, for collecting data from Hadoop, an open-source data lake, and legacy systems.
  • Efficient collaboration across the teams, data fabric support, and metadata management.


  • High price as it is primarily aimed at enterprise-level users.
  • Can be complicated when debugging errors from the logs.
  • Needs better e-mail and SMS alert systems.

In 2021, SAS was named a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions by Gartner.

Customer Experience

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk data management platform aims high — it is focused on the transformation of media events and resources for the benefit of humankind. Primarily, its solution is among the most powerful demand side platforms on the market which offers a data management platform together with other media-related tools.


  • Built-in DMP integrated into The Trade Desk’s media-buying ecosystem.
  • Extensive availability of third-party data.
  • Improving and evolving open-source data management technology.


  • Not a standalone product.
  • The pricing plan — the platform charges percentage, so you have to add up to clients' costs.

In January 2022, The Trade Desk was awarded a BIG Innovation Award by The Business Intelligence Group.


OnAudience offers a user-focused cloud-based data management platform and pays special attention to customer feedback. So, the user reviews help the company to grow services and develop better products.


  • Collects data from various sources such as mobile apps or websites.
  • You can set off segmentation scenarios based on online behavior, interests, age groups, etc., enabling data sharing, data visualization, and compliance management.
  • Over 12 billion customer profiles in the database.


  • High price.
  • Requires some time for learning the functionality.
  • Can be a bit slow when collecting data about users.

Existing clients of the platform value its real-time Audience Report option, reach to new audiences, and accurate customer service.


The Leadspace B2B Customer Data Platform is a combination of Data Management capabilities with third-party data coverage, with advanced AI for understanding customers and personalized Marketing and Sales engagement.


  • Can be integrated into Sales and Marketing channels you already have.
  • Builds meaningful organizational relationships in your CRM for accurate team assignments.
  • Data enrichment helps build better strategies.


  • Tailored mainly for North America and Canada; data on other regions is not that accurate.
  • Needs more industry specific data sets.
  • May require an in-house data scientist team to fine-tune the model.

In December 2021, Leadspace was named a Leader by Forrester Research for finding, creating, and prioritizing closeable B2B businesses.


Adform’s Data Management Platform (DMP) offers recognizable software for advertisers and agencies. It helps coordinate siloed data, track, determine, and engage your audiences using various channels.


  • Open approach platform compatible with other leading services and technologies.
  • Local service with global reach.
  • Easy data vizualization.


  • Stores data on a third-party cloud. So, potentially there may be some consistency or information security issues.
  • Needs better UI as it may seem quite difficult to learn.

Adform has recently been named a Customers' Choice in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer'.


The LiveRamp data management platform provides better connection, control, and data activation for publishers, agencies, and the world’s top brands. The platform enables you with precise audience targeting across multiple channels. Protection of your data is guaranteed by the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform from Salesforce, as LiveRamp has recently joined its ecosystem.


  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • Integrations with other apps.
  • Expanded targeting segments.


  • Large audiences onboarding can take a lot of time.
  • Some limitations on the platform (audience size, for example) that may influence data understanding.
  • Needs more transparency in how the platform actually combines data.

In 2021, LiveRamp was awarded “Client Partnership of the Year” at the Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards.

Data Driven Marketing

What Suits You Best?

All the aforementioned platforms are outstanding in their way. But we can think of one more great idea for data management. We recommend building a customized data management platform tailored specifically to your business.

Qulix Systems offers advanced Adtech software development solutions for accurately targeting the right audience which can work best not only for large enterprises but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

We keep up with the most unconventional integrations and will help you construct an ideal set for your particular business requirements.

So, you will make the most out of your every ad campaign. Qulix Systems will help you build a data management platform specially tailored to your business and enable you to target specific user groups and enhance ad campaigns.

What is more, with a DMP, delivered by Qulix Systems, your marketing teams will get valuable insights and will be able to develop a proactive marketing strategy to reach more customers or effectively sell the ad space. 

Our top-notch Adtech development team is ready to deliver AI predicting models and data-driven tools tailored to your specific requirements and help you achieve exceptional outcomes. 

With our solutions you get quality, reliability, and security.

Still wondering which Data Management Platform to go with? Don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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