Dec 16, 2015

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Telecom trends


Today Telecom operators stake on building positive customer experience. Moreover, they put enormous efforts to monetize it. Still, on the road to optimization Telcos have to find solutions to the most burning challenges


  • Inability of everywhere network coverage
  • Customer loyalty increase
  • Security concerns (access to personal data and banking accounts)
  • Cloud infrastructure fine-tuning
  • Processing huge volumes of data

Pursueing the goal of customer experience monetization Telcos adopted aggressive digitization strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Here are some of the most widely adopted trends:

  • Cloud Services
  • M2M
  • Big Data
  • Telemetry
  • Mobile and contact-free payments
  • Omni-display
  • Streaming and IPTV
  • Virtual reality

Cloud Services

Recently Telcos have seriously increased the range of Cloud based services. Data centers, storages, platforms create digital ecosystem allowing users to have 24/7 access to information. Cloud computing market size is expected to grow by $241Billin by 2020.*

*Global telecom trends by 2020


Machine-to-machine (M2M) is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting machines, devices and objects to the internet turning them into “intelligent” assets that communicate with the world around them.

By combining sensors, devices, remote computers and central server Telcos make machines talking. The information is transmitted wirelessly from a SIM card integrated into a device to the central server, where it is translated into meaningful information. In response, messages can then be sent the other way to change the way the machine is behaving.

M2M technology transforms operations and it can also unleash new business potential. By giving access to instant, invaluable information it helps to change direction, innovate and create new revenue streams.

Big Data

Corporations deal with a great amount of unstructured data. Therefore the value of data technology platforms grows exponentially and Telcos are on the way to offer more sophisticated data processing platforms. IDC researchers forecasted that the revenue for the big data technology infrastructure to grow by 40% per annum for the next three years.*

*Global telecom trends by 2020


Today almost every car has a GPS device integrated in a board computer. To provide safe driving, easy transporting, and emergency calling along with infotainment services Telcos launched telematics service that increasingly grows its popularity among individual and enterprise customers.

Mobile and contact-free payments

Though mobile and contact-free payments are not something brand new, today they are performed mostly via sms, online and mobile apps. Still, NFC technology is carefully winning the market and Telco companies are on the way to apply it. With NFC technology smartphones are about to become a complete payment tool.


BYOD policy initiates utilizing several synchronized devices. In UK 60% of users apply two-three synchronized devices daily.Today Telcos are offering multiple options for synchronization of personal and business accounts thus providing new opportunities for industries.

Streaming and IPTV

Seating on a coach and watching TV is something from the old days. People are constantly on the go today. Therefore the opportunity to watch broadcasting of football match right on time from any place becomes more and more valuable for users. Above that web conferencing is the asset that has become vital for businesses. Supporting these trends world biggest Telco providers rise TV to a new level.

Virtual reality

With the rise of the consuming video content users life style is changing. It impacts the range of information-communication technologies and services that Telecoms offer. The rising awareness and popularity of Google Glass and Toshiba Digital Mirror is about to change video, gaming, navigation, education and science customer experience.

Implementing those trends Telecoms put themselves the forefront of digital innovation.

Short overview on the top 5 telecom operators

CompanyRegionService offered
VerizonUSACloud storage, Video calls
AT&TUSAInternet TV, Cloud solutions,  Marketing toolkit, web hosting
VodafoneUKCloud and hosting services, Machine-to-machine (IoT)
Deutsche TelecomGERMANYCloud, Telematics, IoT for industry, e-health solution, IPTV
Telekom Austria GroupGERMANYM2M