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Dec 21, 2022

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Quality Assurance Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide 2022

How many times have you run into apps with bugs and never used them again? Chances are, it's happened to you more than once. Do you think there are few people like you on Earth? You'd be surprised, but statistics show that 1 in 2 users delete an app permanently if they're not happy about its performance. Now imagine that app is yours. If a high customer churn rate is not what you want, and you can’t perform software testing on your own to find out what’s wrong with the product, it's time to think about quality assurance outsourcing.

This guide will introduce you to the concept of outsourcing QA services, its advantages, and how to find a reliable outsourcing partner for your business. Let's dive right in!

written by:

Zoya Korol

Senior Software Testing Engineer

Quality Assurance & Testing Services: The Superpowers of an Outsourced QA Team

You want to release a great product. One that will delight users and drive your business forward. But before you can do that, you need to make sure your solution is high-quality and free from bugs or defects. That's where quality assurance (QA) and testing come in.

However, you can't just hire random QA professionals, as each one specializes in a particular kind of testing used for a specific purpose. Some types are required to provide software security, stable performance, or cross-browser compatibility. Others ensure compliance with customer standards or mobile compatibility.

Infographics of types of QA and testing services with tigers

Here are the most popular kinds of testing services that businesses use to guarantee the quality of the final product:

  • Manual testing;
  • Automated testing;
  • Mobile app testing;
  • Functional testing;
  • API testing;
  • Integration testing;
  • UX & usability testing.

Signs Indicating It's Time to Outsource Quality Assurance

The fact that you've opened and keep reading the article about outsourced quality assurance services suggests that it's time to take the plunge.

Take a look at other three signs indicating that your company is in dire need of software testing outsourcing.

Tiger worrying that it can't cope with pressure at work, second tiger advising outsourcing

You're Failing to Keep Up with Demand

Imagine the situation: your product is popular enough to attract crowds of users every month. Despite the huge advantage, there is an equally huge disadvantage — you fail to cope with the demand. Your development team has already done everything possible to make the software scalable. All that’s left to do is to run tests and make sure the product functions as it should. You will need QA specialists to handle this, and many of them, since the project is quite large. If you don’t have enough people in your team, it's time to outsource. By working with a quality assurance partner, you can be sure your products meet the highest standards without putting undue strain on your internal resources. This can be a great way to improve the quality assurance process and keep your customers satisfied.

Your Current QA Process Is No Longer Effective

Another possible scenario is when you already have an in-house testing team, but there are some reasons why it's no longer as effective as before. For example, you're planning to add some innovative technology to your product, but your team lacks certain skills. Another case is when the project is long-term and large, and you need more experts to conduct extensive testing. Or you just want to save your time and money and speed up the existing QA process. Then software quality assurance outsourcing is precisely what you're looking for.

You're Ready to Scale Your Business

If your company is growing, you may feel like you're stretched thin. You're already wearing several hats, and there's still so much to do in a day. This is a sign that your team is ready to expand. To avoid the long and boring process of searching, interviewing, and hiring employees, it's a great idea to outsource a dedicated QA team. An outsourcing provider will match you with an ideal crew depending on your specific project requirements.

Perks of Outsourced QA & Testing Services

QA and testing are essential parts of the software development process, but conducting them can be time-consuming and costly if you try to do everything in-house. Luckily, there's another option: QA outsourcing. What benefits are hiding behind it?

You Get Access to Qualified QA Specialists

Outsourcing quality assurance services grants you access to a team of experts who are up-to-date on the latest testing tools and techniques. This is especially crucial in today's ever-changing digital landscape, where new technologies and platforms are constantly emerging. An outsourced offshore quality assurance team can help you stay ahead of the competition and ensure your product is always of the finest quality.

Tiger boss hiring outsourced QA experts to help its employees focus on their core responsibilities

Your Internal Team Can Focus on Its Core Business

If your company is like most, your in-house team is constantly pulled in different directions. They're working on projects that go beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. As a result, the employees can't concentrate on the tasks they're supposed to perform.

With all this pressure, it's no wonder why many businesses turn to quality assurance outsourcing companies to ease the burden of their internal staff. When you delegate certain tasks or processes, your team can focus on their core duties. This leads to higher efficiency and, ultimately, increased profitability.

You Get Expert Insights and Help

While you may have an internal QA team, its members may not possess the same expertise and skills as those of an outsourcing company.

When you outsource quality assurance services, you get more than just high-quality software. You tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. What's more, by working with a team of experienced testers, you can get an unbiased, third-party perspective on your product. This can be invaluable in helping to identify areas for improvement and potential problems.

You Can Address Problems Early On

If you collaborate with a partner who specializes in quality assurance, you can identify and fix any issues before they become major (or even catastrophic) issues. This will save you time and money in the long run and can help to avoid potential customer complaints and other hassles.

Tiger sleeping peacefully knowing its app is bug-free

You Sleep Easier at Night Knowing Your Product Is in Good Hands

QA outsourcing has many benefits, but one of the most satisfying is the peace of mind it brings. When you choose to opt for outsourcing quality assurance, you can be sure that your product is safe and sound. There’s no need to worry and bother the vendor with minute-to-minute calls. You know your software is thoroughly tested, and any issues will be found and fixed before customers notice them.

How to Find the Right QA & Software Testing Team

While there are many benefits to outsourcing QA, they're worth nothing without a reputable and experienced vendor.

Our team has put together a quick guide on how to outsource QA and testing services and not regret it afterwards. 

It only takes 5 steps.

Infographics of steps to take to hire a qualified QA team

1) Determine Your Needs and Budget

First, you need to decide what kind of services you need. Are you looking for help with developing test cases, or seeking someone to perform tests? Once you've settled on the type of services, define your goals. What results do you want to achieve after the quality check is completed?

Next, consider the cost. You'll want to find a team that fits within your budget, but at the same time, you don't want to sacrifice quality. Our advice here is to focus on the medium cost. Too low prices do not necessary mean poor quality, but it's always better to stay on the safe side and choose something average. Central and Eastern European countries, such as Poland, offer a large selection of reliable outsourcing companies that provide cost-effective services: Qulix, Elinext, the Software House, and others.

Take a look at the table below with average hourly rates for QA professionals in different regions of the world. Using it, you can compare prices and pick the perfect outsourcing hub.


Annual Salary

North America

$77K–106K per year

South America

$17K–22K per year

Western Europe

$47K–60K per year

Central & Eastern Europe

$25K–32K per year

Eastern Asia

$46K–56K per year


$28K–50K per year


When you have a clear understanding of your needs and budget, you can start shopping around for the right team.

2) Study the Portfolio

The next thing to do is to look through the portfolio of the outsourcing QA company and decide whether it meets your criteria. Browse through the company's previous customers and the total number of projects they have completed. Why is this crucial?

  • To find out how many and what kind of projects they have successfully delivered;
  • To determine if the team is experienced enough;
  • To assess whether they can handle your project requirements.

Be careful, however, and keep in mind that companies with rich portfolios will not always be the ideal solution for you. The key here is to make sure their QA engineers have experience in outsourcing projects like yours.

Sometimes a portfolio alone is not enough to verify this. It's better to ask for proven case studies. If a team claims to have experience with similar projects, but can't share any supporting information, that's a red flag. Sure, they may be restricted by a non-disclosure agreement. But team members can tell you at least in general terms about their previous projects, their functionality, and the benefits they've brought to clients.

3) Interview a Potential Vendor

If the team's portfolio has impressed you, it's not yet time to jump into signing a contract. The next step is to talk to them in depth.

What questions can (and should) you ask during an interview?

  • What is your experience in software testing?
  • What areas do you specialize in?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are your rates?
  • What is your turnaround time?
  • What does your testing process look like?
  • Who will be in charge of my project?
  • How does your team ensure quality?
  • What collaboration tools do you use?
  • Can you estimate how long it will take to work on my project?
  • Why should I choose your company?

4) Share Your Vision on a Product

If the interview is over and your chosen vendor is still surprising you in a good way, it's time to get down to business. Namely, to discuss your product. The more details you give about it, the better. That way, the team can get a full picture of it, which means it can work its magic and take your solution to the top.

It's also crucial to describe your vision for the success of the product:

  • What user pain points should it address?
  • How much profit do you want it to bring?
  • How should the people who use it feel?

By sharing your vision of these issues, you will show the vendor how you see the customer's journey from the first interaction with the product to realizing their goals. This will help QA specialists make the process as enjoyable and efficient as possible, which will attract more users.

Expert tip: Draw your vision and show it to the service provider. This can be anything from a basic customer journey map to a detailed presentation with all the unique features of your product.

5) Look for a Culture Fit

The final step in choosing a company to outsource software quality assurance services is to make sure they see you as a partner and not just another customer. A team that meshes well with your company's culture is more likely to understand your business goals and values and be better equipped to provide the services you need.

Of course, it can be hard to find the perfect match. But it's worth taking the time to hire a team with whom you can really click with. After all, a good partnership is the key to a successful QA outsourcing project.

Tiger fighting bear on swords

Only the Brave Will Banish Evil (Bugs, in Your Case)

Choosing an outsourcing QA hero who will protect your software from a myriad of bugs, compatibility issues, and disgruntled users can be a real challenge for any business. Every company is different, each with its unique set of needs and requirements. That's why it's essential to carefully compare outsourcing candidates before making a final decision. By taking the time to do your homework, you can be sure you’ll pick the vendor that best meets your needs.

Want to launch your product as soon as possible, but fear it's not good enough? Contact Qulix, your trusted and experienced QA outsourcing partner. With our help, you’ll be confident that your software meets the highest quality standards.

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