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Nov 21, 2022

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5 Reasons to Outsource Java Development: The Ultimate Guide 2022

You just got an ambitious idea to solve one of the most puzzling problems of the fintech industry — trading in Dogecoins. Say, it is an app you want to create in the popular Java language, where you can pay for coffee with this “fluffy” cryptocurrency. Wait, you don't have the right people to implement it? Maybe it's time to hire a few developers or just outsource Java development to an almighty team of experts.

Java? Why not Python or JavaScript? Why outsource? To answer all these whys, we've created this guide. So, if you're ready to learn more about outsourcing Java development, let's get started!

written by:

Sergey Pupkevich

Head of Java Department

Why Java Is Timeless Classic

Despite turning 26 this year, Java is still at the peak of its popularity, and the number of its followers is not diminishing. It remains one of the top 3 programming languages, surpassed only by Python.

Infographics about the most popular programming languages in the world

So what is the mystery of Java, that even after nearly three decades, it is still loved and praised by 10 million developers?

1) Platform Independence

The second name for Java apps is WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere). This means that code compiled in Java can run on any type of devices, from desktops to smartphones to servers. Thanks to its platform independence, this programming language is a popular choice for cross-platform software development.

2) Extreme Readability

The IT community appreciates Java for its readability. Being type-safe and object-oriented, the language offers huge advantages to developers, e.g., when scaling up a team.

Java's readability makes it the preferred language for enterprise-level product development. Such solutions are usually built to last and require long-term support. As a result, the team has to expand and hire new specialists. Due to Java's easy-to-read code, developers joining the team can seamlessly study the current code and integrate into the project faster. Moreover, even non-technical members can read and understand the intent behind certain parts of the program.

Dog hugging a jar with the JAR logo, next to another dog celebrating the release of version 19 of Java

3) Backward Compatibility

Another aspect that the Java community proudly boasts about is the stability of the language. How does this work?

Every time a new version or feature is released, backward compatibility comes into play. Remember JAR? Even that ghost from the dusty past can easily run on the latest distribution of OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit). This makes life a lot easier for the developer when upgrading a Java version. They don't need to rewrite all the code and can rest assured that the older version of their Java development project will be supported over the years.

4) Innovation and Great Results

Although Java is stable, it has always been an open platform that welcomes innovation. Since Java9, a new version is released every six months with a host of new features, performance improvements, and security fixes.

The Java community is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and as a result, this language has more problems solved than any other. That's not an overstatement: with a zillion APIs, packages, and extensions emerging every six months, you will hardly find a problem that hasn't been already solved by Java developers. Any doubts? Then check out Stack Overflow, which contains almost two million answered questions.

5) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

A language can be considered robust if it has extensive tool support. From this perspective, Java has nothing to complain about. It offers several IDEs and editors to choose from, such as Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and many others. They all come with a broad range of features, including code completion and generation, debugging tools, version control integration, and test runners. This is a massive perk for any Java development team that helps its members significantly speed up all workflows.

6) Utmost Security

Java is a highly secure language with built-in safety tools that protect applications from threats. These include automatic memory management, which prevents memory leaks and buffer overflows. Java also has a secure class loading mechanism, ensuring that classes are loaded safely. Finally, Java's security model is designed to keep untrusted code from running on your system. This is possible because all programs are executed inside a virtual machine called a sandbox.

Group of dogs welcoming reader to friendly Java community

7) Vast Community

The Java community is one of the most welcoming. If you ever need help with anything related to the language, you can easily find a group of experienced Java developers in any major city. They are always eager to help others as much as they can, and for free. These communities often hold online and offline meetings. There, Java programmers and anyone involved in the topic discuss problems in the development process, find solutions, and just learn from each other.

Here's a list of Java User Groups. It'll be highly useful, if you decide in favor of outsourcing Java development projects.

Why Outsource Java Developers

Unless your team is familiar with the language itself, Java development outsourcing can be a great way to get expert help without breaking the bank. If cost savings are not a compelling reason for you, check out other benefits you'll reap if you decide to delegate Java development services to a dedicated team.

1) Cost-Effective Alternative

What is the major concern of any business? Money. Both small and large companies should know how to manage their budgets wisely. After all, development of web applications, mobile solutions, and other types of software requires a solid infusion of funds. Especially if you keep a full-time team.

By hiring an outsourcing partner, you can avoid the high costs of managing an in-house design and development team. You can also cut the expense of training and onboarding new employees, as your outsourcing Java development company takes care of all these matters.

One In-House Java Developer

Annual Salary (Min)

$69K per year

Annual Salary (Medium)

$106K per year

Annual Salary (Max)

$161K per year

Hourly Rates (Min)

$44 per hour

Hourly Rates (Medium)

$68 per hour

Hourly Rates (Max)

$103 per hour



Java Developers — Outsource a Whole Team

Western Europe

$150–$300 per hour

Eastern Europe

$25–$45 per hour

Central/Western Asia

$10–$49 per hour

East/South Asia

$10–$300 per hour

North America

$100–$350 per hour

South America

$20–$55 per hour


$10–$99 per hour


$100–$300 per hour

Source: Qubit Labs

2) Skilled Professionals

Java outsourcing can be a great way to get skilled professionals on board your project. Apart from classic QA, these qualified specialists will help you with a wide range of Java development tasks, from writing code to debugging errors. You can also count on them to be well-versed in the latest software development services, tools, and technologies.

Two dogs chatting about hiring Java developer and their professional skills

Basic services of a Java development company:

  • Code review/audit;
  • Back-end development of a Java project;
  • Full-stack development of Java applications;
  • Implementation of microservices;
  • Mobile app development;
  • Building enterprise applications;
  • Technical support of Java projects.

3) Reduced Time to Market

Besides delivering high-quality software, the speed of its development is also crucial for any company.

If you choose to hire Java developers in-house, you’ll spend months just trying to gather a team of reliable specialists. And how many more months will it take to complete the project? However, if you turn to an outsourcing company, the search for the right team will take you up to 10–15 days. Plus, you won't waste time looking for particular specialists that your team lacks. Potential Java development companies will offer you a perfect mix of experts, from lead developers to project managers. Their joint forces will help you significantly reduce the time it takes to get your product to market.

4) Focus on Core Business

Flexibility is another key reason to outsource Java development projects. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate: from managing day-to-day operations to exploring ways to drive massive impact and growth for your business. When you begin a new Java application development project, it can be challenging to find time to focus on your core responsibilities. One effective way to free up time and energy is to opt for Java developers outsourcing.

Once you've solved the software engineering issue, you can devote more effort to other components of your business. While the service provider builds the solution, you can work on customer journey mapping or business logic.

American dog programmer sitting at desk at 12 a.m., Polish dog programmer sitting at desk at 8 a.m.

5) Work Around the Clock

Did you know that Java software development outsourcing can also help you build your product nonstop?

When you outsource Java programmers, these people can work on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (just don't forget to pay an hourly rate). That means the operation will go on even when you're not in the office. And if your employees reside in different time zones, you can maximize productivity by having someone working on your project day and night.

Outsourcing Java Development: the Verdict

As you can see, Java is a robust, reliable, and versatile programming language used for a variety of applications. When you outsource Java development, you can tap into a global talent pool, gain access to the latest tools and technologies, and focus on your core business. 

What’s the verdict? Can Java development outsourcing be a smart move for your business? 

The answer may vary depending on your specific circumstances. But in general, this endeavor can serve as a great way to get the development services you need at a lower cost. Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable outsourcing partner.

No time to search for a company that provides high-quality Java services? Contact us today and let us show you what we can do! 

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