Jun 7, 2018

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Mobile App Development: Top Trends, Part 2

Last week, we have already published the 1st part of the article Mobile App Development: Top Trends. This part refers to the remaining five trends.

AMP technology

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google open source project with the aim to improve web pages loading times on mobile devices.

You might have seen the AMP pages which are incidentally displayed at the top when using Google mobile search. The way those sites are represented helps them to get higher clickthroughs.

There is a further technology that can help to gain advantage over competitors. Progressive Web Apps by Google is designed to make web sites look and feel like an app. This approach is not only easier, but significantly cheaper than the development of native apps.

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VR, AR, and Mixed Reality

There is currently a lot of hype about the AR. The technology gained worldwide recognition after the launch of Pokémon GO, one of the world’s leading gaming app titles.

Its success has shown that the trend is definitely going in the direction of AR, VR and Mixed reality. Thus, the technologies will very likely become a mainstream for mobile apps.

Google and Apple are already actively working on it.

As an example, Google launched its improved Augmented Reality SDK called Tango. It allows “computer vision to enable mobile devices to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals”.

The release of hardware based on mixed reality, e.g., Microsoft’s HoloLens which allows users to manipulate real objects with holograms indicates that the demand for mobile apps in this field will increase.

Intelligent mobile apps

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly smarter. From real-time language translator to Face ID: AI on smartphones is one of the biggest trends for the coming future.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 80 percent of smartphones will have on-device AI capabilities, up from 10 percent in 2017. Smartphones are expected to become an extension of the user, capable to learn usage patterns and apply them on a day-to-day basis.

Hence, Artificial Intelligence will be one of the hottest topics in mobile app development.

Cloud-based apps

According to Statista, in 2019 the global mobile cloud data traffic is projected to grow to 90 percent in compare to 81 percent in 2014.

Cloud-based apps are especially interesting for enterprises. In fact, the technology would reduce the data security risks which commonly arise from BYOD.

As the corporate data will be stored in the cloud, instead of on employee´s device, the danger of data abuse or data theft is significantly lower.

User developed apps

Application development requires solid professional skills and experience. However,  business users are no longer forced to wait months till the new app will be rolled out.

There is a range of tools and software that allow even users with no technical expertise to create fully functional apps.

There is no doubt that these tools cannot replace the development of complex apps. It means, custom mobile app development market will retain its important role.

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