Sep 7, 2017

3 min

IoT: Top 5 Inventions To Make Your Kitchen Smarter


Everything is getting smarter. Kitchen is not an exception. From Bluetooth-enabled cutlery to digital barista just one click away: modern devices are connected to the Internet making your kitchen ‘smarter’ and your life more comfortable.

Here are the most interesting inventions.

Egg Minder

Egg Minder by Quirky let you remotely check the freshness of your eggs. A smart egg tray up to 14 eggs is app-enabled, so you can use your smartphone on the way to check how many eggs are left, which ones are the oldest, and decide whether you need to buy some in the supermarket.


Smart coffee machine

Imagine that you don’t need to leave your warm bed to brew a fresh coffee in the morning. The coffee machine by Smarter makes it possible! Just at the touch of a button, you can control the machine via the app from anywhere in or out of your home adjusting the strength, a number of cups and choice of freshly ground or filtered coffee.



iSommelier is a connected, versatile carafe that is designed to filter ambient air of impurities and aerate wine with a highly concentrated and purified oxygen enhancing the decanting experience. A clever system offers a new solution to the traditional aeration process and reveals the full potential of every wine.  iFavine smartphone app allows you controlling the device, choosing aeration programs and gathering information on different winemakers.


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Back from your weekly shopping and forgot to buy certainly half because it was not on the grocery list? Due to GeniCan this will never happen again. The scanner recognizes empty packages and reminds you to buy new items. GeniCan is fixed on inside of a garbage bin. When you throw in an empty package of muesli or washing powder, you just swipe the item’s barcode code on GeniCan’s camera. The scanner reads the code and adds the item to your shopping list on the GeniCan app on your smartphone.



Eating quickly leads to weight gain. Though, food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Eating slowly and deliberately allows savoring the taste of your meal and staying healthy.

HAPIfork is a smart fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. The connected cutlery detects how many mouthfuls you take. If you are eating and chewing too quickly, it starts flashing and vibrating gently. The data can be transmitted via USB or Bluetooth to the online dashboard for a meal-time performance analysis.