IoT: Blockchain Solutions For Advertising

Aug 3, 2017

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The Blockchain technology is already widely known in relation to crypto-currency. The potential, however, extends far beyond the financial area. In fact, it can be used in the advertising sector.

Advertising placement

In the fourth quarter of 2017, Nasdaq Inc will launch The New York Interactive Advertising Exchange, a Blockchain-enabled electronic marketplace for publishers, advertisers and media buyers. In contrast to ad exchanges in programmatic advertising, where buying and selling of media advertising inventory are performed in real-time, NYIAX will allow advertisers and publishers to trade and re-trade future advertising inventory.

The media trading platform will be running in the cloud. The Blockchain technology will provide a more efficient and transparent way for players in the advertising market.

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Advanced TV

Comcast, a US broadcasting and cable television company announced the release of The Blockchain Insights Platform for television ad buying in 2018.

Using the platform, marketers will be able to anonymously match their data sets with programmers and others in the industry to target consumers on any device without giving up proprietary customer info. The blockchain-powered tool provides data encryption and security allowing each party in the chain more control over the data.

Digital Content Distribution

Publiq, a Blockchain Content Distribution platform allows users to share digital content.

The platform provides content creators with more control of their ownership and distribution. Artists are able to distribute any form of content. The system does not rely on third parties. The transaction payment transfers directly to the artist’s account.

Rewards are assigned depending on their score, i.e. a reputation-scoring system created entirely from the readers’ views and feedback. This unique evaluation system will allow authors to be more fairly rewarded, as well as praised or celebrated for their work.

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Ad fraud

Fraud is a common problem in digital advertising. MetaX and DMA (Data & Marketing Association) introduced adChain, a platform tracking digital advertising’s supply chain.

AdChain provides a blockchain that is shared among parties. All the data such as impressions and audience segments are stored.

A real-time buying platform enables brands and retailers to buy ad impressions. The solution finds target audience in ad exchanges that provide access to online publishers’ inventory.

The impressions are encrypted and broadcast to each participant in the blockchain for verification.

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