Nov 3, 2016

3 min

Home, Smart Home: Top 5 Technologies

Smart Home has become a buzzword, but it is not just a vision of the future, it is a reality. What kind of devices do already exist and how can they simplify our daily routine? Here are five of the most interesting and exciting connected devices for your home.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall …


Dirror is more than just a mirror. The invention represents a smart digital device with Windows 10, multi-touch screen and a voice control. Now you can get your hair done checking e-mails, sending messages, making cell phones, playing favourite music and much more. When turned off or in standby mode, it can be still used as a usual mirror. Wherever you wish and for any purpose, Dirror can be used according to owner’s individual needs.

Apps arranged in a tile shape are easily and regularly updated, so news and weather forecasts are always up-to-date. Finances, social media, to-do lists and personal appointments are immediately available. Images and videos are presented in a high-resolution. No magic, just technology!

Multi-room loudspeaker system


Now you can enjoy your favourite music directly from a streaming service: from any computer, throughout your house.

The most practical feature is the system’s flexible extension. A single loudspeaker can be additionally extended by another one in order to achieve a real surround sound. The loudspeakers will be synchronised and complement each other to generate an impressive surround sound effect.

The system supports WiFi, Bluetooth und AirPlay.

A happy owner of Whyd has an access to Google Play Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.

There is a touch interface on the top of the speaker. Play music just by moving your finger.

Furthermore, the loudspeaker can operate by voice command.  There are 5 microphones installed into the system recognising your commands from a distance of 5 meters.

Floating smart watch charger


Lift is a wireless charger that uses its electromagnetic fields not only to provide energy for your Apple Watch, but also to make your smartwatch floating in the air. Fascinating, isn’t it? Lift can even more.

The orb, a spherical lamp floats like your smartwatch over the induction surface and gives an atmospheric light.

The system construction includes a battery and is perfect as a compact energy charger on trips.

Moorebot: cute and funny


Meet Moorebot, a small personal assistant for use at home and in office.

Moorebot can sing, dance, read messages aloud, take or send pictures and videos.

At working place, he reminds you of upcoming meetings and appointments, read notes or provides information on what is currently happening at home.

A real highlight of the robot is the eye. It moves freely, can simulate human-like expressions and moods. There is a small camera installed into the eye’s pupil for taking pictures/images, and monitoring of surrounding area.



Always forget to buy an item in the supermarket? With a smart spy in your fridge, it is finally over.

FridgeCam is a wireless camera for your refrigerator. Now you can check on the food and the expiry date while you’re out.

The device equipped with a magnetic base can be easily installed inside of the refrigerator. Every time the door is closed, the smart cam takes pictures and transmits them to your smartphone. So you can view what you might need to buy in the supermarket.

The manufacturing company also represented smart mats, tiny platforms to put under the beverages in the fridge that send notifications to the smartphone when a bottle is full or empty.

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