Jun 14, 2016

2 min

5 advantages of living in a smart home

Smart home control

The house of tomorrow is smart. A smart home knows exactly what its residents need and takes over many annoying duties. It sounds fantastic, but it’s a reality. Atmospheric lighting, well-tempered room, or a message on your smartphone advising you when the washing machine is done. Living in a smart home is just more comfortable. All the connected devices are easy to control directly from smartphones and tablets.

Come in and relax

When it’s cold outside, it’s homely and cozy inside. You can dictate remotely how your smart home should welcome you. As soon as you turn a key in the lock, your living room is already lighted and heated. Your home entertainment system is on and the next episode of your favorite TV series is downloaded. The washing machine and the dishwasher are running. It’s time for a relaxed evening.

Reducing additional costs

There is no doubt that we can’t live completely without electricity and heating. But it’s possible to use them smarter. Smart homes provide you with small tricks helping to decrease additional expenses.

For example, using thermostats that installed directly on radiators connected with each other via WiFi, or adapters that are able to switch the standby mode of the electrical devices and enable saving money.

Gentle start to the day

Smart home wakes late risers softly up. A quarter before you awake, the thermostat turns the heating system on using the time control. Forget a cold shock in the bathroom. When the alarm clock rings, first the dim light in your sleeping room will be turned on.  Your coffee machine has just brewed coffee. And the radio turns your favorite station on. Isn’t it a dream?

Carefree vacations

Though all windows and doors are closed, what if someone will break into the house?

Smart motion sensors provide effective protection against burglary, no matter where you are. As soon as a smart home notices something suspicious, it sends immediately a message to your smartphone. Using the right technology you can turn the illumination on just at your fingertips, even while you are lying on the beach.

Smart assistance just in time

Security belongs to basic human needs. It concerns especially elder people, who can be more independent due to the smart home technologies. An intelligent night light prevents a fall, motion sensors and alarm systems detect dangers. And a service call integrated into the house automation provides contact to the family members in emergency cases.

Are you dreaming of turning your house into a smart home? It’s time your dream comes true. Learn more