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Best Practices: Be Omnichannel to Be Alive

Dec 4, 2018

“Conversion funnel”, “customer experience” and “leads” have long dominated marketing vocabulary. Time has come to refresh it. We propose you a brand-new term which is omnichannel.

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A Prototype: When You Need It Smart and Simple

Nov 12, 2018

IoT projects require investments and are almost never risk-free. The 2017 Cisco survey statistics show that discouraging 75% of self-initiated IoT projects were considered a failure. With this in mind, some back-up never hurts.

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Internet of Things — the future is already here

May 26, 2016

Life is becoming smarter: smart city, smart home, smart car, smart watch. More and more aspects of our lives get influenced by the Internet of Things. It’s no longer a story from a fantasy movie. The majority of traditional devices like wash machines or fridges are already connected with a smart phone. Both consumers and…

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